Monthly archives: May, 2013

Last day of school 2013

Today was the boys’ last day of school. They had a party with lots of water play. They had lots of fun with their friends and ate too much sugar. Noah was named the class mathematician and Ezra the class scientist. So proud of my smarty pants!  They’ve grown and matured so much this year!…

Random pics


Thanks to pinterest I found this fun activity for our backyard.


Back in March we got some baby chicks. We are loving them. They are so much fun and the boys love taking care of them. We have five total – Skittles, Isabella, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.


When we started the adoption process we wanted to adopt siblings, we wanted them to have someone that looked like them and shared their dna. It was something that was important to us. We had the boys dna tested though 23 & me to help fill in their medical history. It is nice having the…

Fire Station Open House

Today the boys went to Tempe Fire’s open house. They had a ton of fun and were the only ones there! They told the firefighters all about the fire trucks, fire safety, and that they did push-ups every day so they could grow up to be firefighters. Our local fire station even has fire poles!…

Gamma’s Bird Bath

We made Gamma a bird bath for mother’s day. The boys had a ton of fun and it turned out pretty cute.

View from the backseat

Yesterday Ezra took their camera to show and tell. He took pictures on the way home and I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes.

Mother’s Day Tea

The boys’ preschool hosted a mother’s day tea. We had yummy snacks and tea. The boys made gifts and cards. They put on a little show. Ezra was super animated while singing and Noah covered his ears. Apparently he doesn’t love his classmates voices.