Monthly archives: January, 2013

First Symphony Performance

The Phoenix Symphony has a series of Saturday afternoon family friendly performances. It is a great way to introduce your kids to the symphony. Last Saturday we went to Tubby the Tuba. I chose this performance because there was an instrument petting zoo before the show. The boys loved getting to play some different instruments….

Noah at 4

Color: red Sport: Basketball Animal: Cow Food: Bagel with cream cheese Book: Firetrucks Season: Winter Restaurant: The restaurant at the end of the pier at the beach (funny I don’t remember him eating the food) Holiday: Christmas Weather: Cold and Sunny Cereal: Cheerios TV Shows: Fireman Sam Movie: Incredibles Candy: Cake Subject: Learning to write…

Ezra at 4

Color: pink Sport: baseball Animal: sheep Food: peanut butter and jelly Book: the Bible Season: Winter Restaurant: Wendy’s Holiday: Thanksgiving Weather: Sunny and warm Cereal: Mommy’s Granola TV Shows: My Little Pony Movie: Incredibles Candy: Halloween Candy Subject: Alphabet Toy: Firetrucks Thing to do: Play cars Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma,…

Giggly Baby

I just found this video and pretty sure I’ve never shared it. Happy Saturday!

Funny Quotes – IX

I told Noah to let me know if he needed help. Then I over hear Ezra, “I’ll help you as a tattletale!” Ezra talking about the cats, “they are great at pooping and they are great sleeping.” Noah, “There are two of Micah and Judah and there are two of us!” Matt, “Yep, they are…

Christmas Day 2012

We had a lovely Christmas with Gamma, Papa, Uncle Jason, Auntie Michelle, and Abby! This age is so much fun at Christmas. We opened gifts, then had a yummy Christmas lunch, and then played! Gamma had gotten all the kids and dads nerf guns. There was quite the nerf gun war with lots of giggles…

Christmas Morning 2012

Christmas morning with littles is so much fun. The boys were full of so much joy and truly enjoyed every moment. It took forever to open gifts. They played and played with their new toys. The boys slept in that day, mommy and daddy’s gift I guess. We opened gifts, played, talked to Nana, Papa,…

Christmas Eve 2012

We had a nice quiet Christmas Eve. In the morning Matt went mountain biking with a friend, while the boys and I stayed home and worked on a sticker craft they had received as a gift. In the afternoon Ezra fell asleep! Then we packed them both up and headed down to Maricopa to go…

Ezra can pump!

I was inside putting dinner in the crockpot and went back out to check on the boys. Ezra had finally figured out pumping on the swings!