Monthly archives: December, 2012

San Diego Botanic Gardens

When we went to Imperial Beach this summer I decided to look at our memberships to see what we could do for free or low cost while on vacation. If you have a Desert Botanical Gardens membership you can vist the San Diego Botanic Gardens for free. If you have small children or just love…


The boys have had quite the adventurous spirit lately. They’ve figured out how to get out of their bedroom into the backyard via the window. They do this during “quiet” time. For the most part it is harmless adventure. Except now they are working on getting over the wall to the great big world. They…

First School Photos

Bear time

For the kids upcoming birthdays Gamma and Papa took them to build a bear. It was a wild good time. They each had a lot of fun watching their bears get made. Noah’s bear is Firman Sam, Ezra’s bear is Fireman in a truck, and Abby’s is Abigail.

Stephanie’s Birthday

We celebrated my birthday over a month ago, but never got around to posting. I wanted to do something new and decided on kayaking at Tempe Town Lake. It was amazing and we happened to time it just right and saw the sunset on the lake. Gamma and Papa watched the boys and made me…