Monthly archives: August, 2012

Imperial Beach August 2012


We debated back and forth about sending the boys to preschool this year. They still have two years until kindergarden and we could have waited another year. This summer they went to VBS and a summer camp. They absolutely loved both. We were able to see how much they loved having a little separation from…

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July up at my parents’ cabin and went to the firework show in Payson. It was nice and cool (okay cold for us)! It was a rainy cloudy day, but the rain stopped by nighttime and the boys enjoyed their first firework show. They absolutely loved it and can’t wait…

Ice block dig

These pictures are from back in June. Yep I’m behind, but I want to document the fun we had this summer. 🙂

Pool Fun

This summer we’ve been visiting some public pools. I love the zero entry toddler play areas. We can play and have fun and I don’t have to worry too much. Here’s a video of how hard that water is hitting them. I stood under it once and it is pretty hard!