We’ve moved!

The last couple of months have been super hectic, stressful, and exciting.

We’ve toyed with the idea of moving off and on for years. Mostly out of state. We’ve even visited some of our dream cities. After much debate and discussion we finally settled on a new city. We are in Tempe, AZ!

Yup I couldn’t leave my home state in the end. We are excited about all Tempe has to offer and are looking forward to exploring our new city.

Our new house has a much bigger yard and a walkscore of 71. We were also able move the business office closer to ASU. Matt’s wanted to be near a university for a long time.

The boys are doing great with the transition. Moving itself was a little hard on them since mom and dad were so busy and stressed, but we are settling back into life and our routine nicely.

If you know us in the real world and would like our new address please contact us.

3 Replies to “We’ve moved!”

  1. Once you are settled we are going to need to come over.  🙂  I will also need the address but not until August so take your time. 

  2. Congratulations!  A move is always stressful, but hopefully things will settle down soon and you will be able to enjoy everything Tempe has to offer.  Now that your in the city I ll have to email you next time I am down and maybe we can meet at a splash pad or something.  =)

  3. YAY!!  For moving!  Congrats!  You are close to my office now or and Rollie’s office!  So exciting!  We left maricopa in march and are MUCH happier!

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