10 years of awesome

im a pretty lucky guy to have this awesome woman as my wife. Better yet it has been 10 years and I still love everything about her.

Photo fun

I really meant to stay more consistent with blogging, but life has been crazy. Plus two three year olds keep me busy, busy!

Solar Eclipse

Tonight the boys witnessed their first solar eclipse. It is an annular eclipse and they thought it was pretty cool.

Conversation with Noah tonight before bed:

Noah – We saw the moon blocking the sun.

Me – Yep, do you remember what that is called?

Noah – Scissors!

Sweet moments gone toddler

Growing up

Noah and I (matt) are cuddling on the couch.

Noah: Daddy, when i grow up, i want to be like you…
Me: Aww thanks dude
Noah: Then i will be like Rexy (Their 5′ tall pink inflatable dinosaur)
Me: Umm Okay.
Noah: Then I will grow up more, and be like Noah.
Me: That’s a good plan.

The Tub

Ezra: Daddy I like Baths
Me: Great!
Ezra: Sometimes i pee in the water

Noah’s Ark

Ezra was reading this bible and when he got to the page with Noah and the ark.

Ezra: Then he made a rainbow out of Jesus.


Stephanie was in the kitchen, the boys were in their playroom, and it got quiet.

Stephanie: “Are you guys being good in there?”
Noah: No, we are not.


Happy Birthday Gamma!

This post is better late then never. (Gamma’s b-day is in March!)

There was a bounce house, piñata, and yummy food!


The boys and I went up to the botanical gardens today to see the spring butterfly exhibit before it ended. I love seeing the butterflies every time they visit. The boys are getting more into it the older they get. They wanted to learn the names of some of them this time. We also got to see a few lizards and a roadrunner. The boys insisted the roadrunner was a peacock and would not believe me. It is a bigger bird with a tail, so I see how they make the association. My favorite moment was when Noah playfully laid down right in the middle of a trail and covered his eyes and was hiding. 🙂 I love the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” phase.