Monthly archives: March, 2012

Strep Again

Poor Noah has strep throat again. (Luckily he seems to be the only one this time. *fingers crossed*) We actually had no clue he was sick. He had a lack of appetite, but we just thought he was being a three year old. On Friday morning he was fine, maybe a little tired but happy…

Wordless Wednesday – 03.14.2012


Wordless Wednesday – 03.07.2012

Learning to Pedal

We got the boys big boy bikes. Ezra loves his. Noah still prefers his balance bike. Learing to pedal! from matt adams on Vimeo.

More Nutritional Wisdom from 3 year olds

“Food goes all the way down to my shirt.” Ezra While I was making breakfast yesterday, Ezra asked for a piece of the bell pepper I was chopping. They never actually eat bell peppers, but I keep trying so I gave it to him. He actually ate it this time and this is what he…