Nutrition Goals

This morning the boys were playing with their yogurt instead of eating. So we had yet another conversation about how food isn’t a toy and it is to nourish our bodies so we can grow big and strong. The boys usually also talk about it giving them energies like Plex, but today Ezra had a different response that made me giggle.

“It will help you grow so much bigger, so you can get coffee.”

Good goal my son. 🙂

I have told them repeatedly they have to be big to get coffee.

Conversing with Nature

“Birds, you’re not eating?” – Noah

Bird chirps back at him

“Oh okay, that’s fine.” – Noah

(The boys made bird seed feeders a while back with Gamma and Papa, they are hanging in our trees, for some reason the birds haven’t touched them.)

Photo Friday – 02.17.2012

Yep I’m going to try to bring it back, but I give no guarantee.

<3 how they think real mail is an email thanks to Elmo.

Making Valentines

Thanks to the internet we found a fun and easy way to make Valentines. Use a toilet paper roll, squish it into a heart shape, and stamp. The best part? The boys loved it!

Valentine’s Day

The boys adore Valentine’s. They love all the hearts and I’m assuming Noah really loves it because of all the RED. For some reason they call Valentine’s hearts “clementines.” I have no idea why, but it is seriously cute. 🙂 To celebrate their love of the holiday we made goodies to give out. We visited Gamma and Papa at work (and played on the firetrucks) and took a giant dinosaur to Abby. They had a lot of fun. (I know because Ezra told me, I love that they can tell me.) Arizona also celebrated its Centennial that day so we had Arizona cookies.


I decided to try vermicomposting pretty much just for the boys. I figured they would love having pet worms. Well the worms arrived today and they were excited! They were also a little confused because they asked if they could eat worms for lunch. I had explained that the worms would be eating some of our food scraps. 🙂

Nap time woes

They were turning their beds into slides during nap time.

The boys have started to fight and skip nap-time. I knew this day would come, but thought it would happen closer to age 4. They nap about half the time now. The skipping nap wouldn’t bother me so much if they weren’t so darn cranky! Plus they go to bed at 7 when they don’t nap and so don’t get to see daddy much in the evenings. Also it makes it really hard to get work done. I used to have a 2.5 to 3 hour block every day where I could rest, work, and prep dinner. Yep I was spoiled, and I am seriously struggling without that time. It is my least favorite transition so far, going from 2 naps to 1 was a cake walk compared to this.

In other bedroom related news, we got rid of their beds a couple of weeks ago. We weren’t too happy with the ones we bought, so we sold them. They had sharp, I mean sharp edges! Plus the drawers weren’t holding up very well. We are going to wait until they are read for bunk beds. Their room is really small with two separate beds in it.

Last weeks Mattress Mountain

I personally love this picture. On this particular day I hadn’t slept much the night before and was exhausted, so I went and laid down during nap. Knowing full well they weren’t sleeping, but they were happy, so I was okay with it. They made a mountain to climb and jump. Ezra is in the foreground doing flips, he was super proud how fast he could do them now since he had lots of practice.

Photo time

I’ve been bad about regularly updating the blog, but am going to try to get better. This our journal of the boys’ lives after all.

Jesus walked on water, but why?

A couple of weeks ago the boys learned the story of Jesus walking on water at Sunday School. On the way home we were asking what they had learned that day and Ezra informed us that Jesus walked on water because he was scared of the boat. As evidence by Ezra’s craft from the day. 🙂

Lost balloon

Hamburger please.
Corn dog please.

On Friday we took the boys to Sonic for lunch. (our sonic is not a drive up) Apparently I was feeling a little crazy because it was hectic. We spilled an entire drink, lost a corn dog to the floor, and push the button to call the waitress way too many times. She was super patient though and even gave the boys balloons.

When we got home I took the weights (ketchup packets) off the balloons so they could play with them inside, also so I didn’t have ketchup squirted all over the house. Well at some point in time they decided to take them outside and I hear Ezra, “mommy come look my balloon is flying way away!” I then had to explain it wasn’t coming back. When I put him down to nap he was very hopeful and talking about how maybe some birdies would find it and bring it back. After nap I hear him, “mommy look birdies!” Then very sadly, “they don’t have my balloon.” Poor kid was even hopeful the next day when he saw a plane and thought it would have his balloon.

It was sad to see, but I really loved his hope and imagination.

Funny Quotes – V

“I need milk for my mouth.” – Noah

Me “Noah where’s your banana?” him, “it’s in my tummy.” me realizing I didn’t ask the correct question, “where’s your banana peel?” (You have to keep track of those things!)

“Noah catch me the soccer ball.” – Ezra (he meant throw, but he uses a lot of opposites, like inside for outside, catch for throw.)

Noah asked what was in Sydni’s hair and I replied her bow. Ezra holds up his elbow and points to it, “this is my bow.”

“I got my baby sister out of the truck. Want to hug her?” Ezra holding up his sippy.

Just found the boys laying in their beds so I asked if they were tired. Ezra, “I’m just resting my mouth.”

I told the boys we were having fish for dinner, Noah ran in the kitchen “I want a red one!” ummm sorry buddy I’m not feeding you Swedish fish for dinner.

Noah just came in while I was putting on make-up and said, “hey you putting on your face?” weird neither Matt or I ever remember saying that.

“mommy your shoes are walking very well!” thanks ez my shoes appreciate that you noticed. 🙂

Ezra’s thoughts on why I wouldn’t take the cat on our walk, “he doesn’t have shoes!”

“I need a different pen, I need a cool one.” – Noah

Me trying to convince Ezra to take his medicine “you don’t want to get sick again” and his response “huh-uh I’m a boy.”