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Wordless Wednesday – 02.29.2012

Nutrition Goals

This morning the boys were playing with their yogurt instead of eating. So we had yet another conversation about how food isn’t a toy and it is to nourish our bodies so we can grow big and strong. The boys usually also talk about it giving them energies like Plex, but today Ezra had a…

Conversing with Nature

“Birds, you’re not eating?” – Noah Bird chirps back at him “Oh okay, that’s fine.” – Noah (The boys made bird seed feeders a while back with Gamma and Papa, they are hanging in our trees, for some reason the birds haven’t touched them.)

Wordless Wednesday – 02.22.2012

Photo Friday – 02.17.2012

Yep I’m going to try to bring it back, but I give no guarantee.

Making Valentines

Thanks to the internet we found a fun and easy way to make Valentines. Use a toilet paper roll, squish it into a heart shape, and stamp. The best part? The boys loved it!

Valentine’s Day

The boys adore Valentine’s. They love all the hearts and I’m assuming Noah really loves it because of all the RED. For some reason they call Valentine’s hearts “clementines.” I have no idea why, but it is seriously cute. 🙂 To celebrate their love of the holiday we made goodies to give out. We visited…


I decided to try vermicomposting pretty much just for the boys. I figured they would love having pet worms. Well the worms arrived today and they were excited! They were also a little confused because they asked if they could eat worms for lunch. I had explained that the worms would be eating some of…

Nap time woes

The boys have started to fight and skip nap-time. I knew this day would come, but thought it would happen closer to age 4. They nap about half the time now. The skipping nap wouldn’t bother me so much if they weren’t so darn cranky! Plus they go to bed at 7 when they don’t…

Photo time

I’ve been bad about regularly updating the blog, but am going to try to get better. This our journal of the boys’ lives after all.

Jesus walked on water, but why?

A couple of weeks ago the boys learned the story of Jesus walking on water at Sunday School. On the way home we were asking what they had learned that day and Ezra informed us that Jesus walked on water because he was scared of the boat. As evidence by Ezra’s craft from the day….

Lost balloon

On Friday we took the boys to Sonic for lunch. (our sonic is not a drive up) Apparently I was feeling a little crazy because it was hectic. We spilled an entire drink, lost a corn dog to the floor, and push the button to call the waitress way too many times. She was super…

Funny Quotes – V

“I need milk for my mouth.” – Noah Me “Noah where’s your banana?” him, “it’s in my tummy.” me realizing I didn’t ask the correct question, “where’s your banana peel?” (You have to keep track of those things!) “Noah catch me the soccer ball.” – Ezra (he meant throw, but he uses a lot of…