A little Honesty

There seems to be a rash of honesty spreading through mommy blogland and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. When we blog or post facebook updates we are usually just presenting the neat and pretty parts of our lives. Unfortunately this can lead to people thinking we live the perfect life. They think we are like Caillou’s mommy and never lose our temper, always remain calm, and our house is neat and tidy. So I thought I would share of few of my imperfections. This is not a complete list, I screw up all the time and don’t remember every thing I do wrong.

My house is usually a mess. It’s never 100% clean. A random visitor is my worst nightmare.

There are almost always dishes in the sink, it is rare that all the dishes are clean and put away. Yep I like to cook, but not clean up my mess.

Our table can sometimes go the whole day without getting wiped down. Do you know how messy young children are when they eat?

My floor is never so clean you could eat off it, but my boys regularly do eat off it. No I don’t feed them on the floor, but if they or I drop something, it still gets eaten.

I snap, I don’t always use the kindest of words with my kids. I do yell, I hate it and would love to stop and work on using more grace each and every day.

I am slow in the mornings. I would say I hardly ever get dressed before 10 and some days not at all.

My kids watch more tv then I ever thought I would allow.

I’m addicted to facebook.

I hardly ever make my bed. (I’m actually working on this one, Matt really likes the bed made, and it is a small way I can make him happy.)

My kids play outside in their socks and I don’t care. As long as they are happy, I’m happy. If a pair of socks gets stained, so what? The insides of their shoes don’t care.

My kids are loud at the grocery store. Happy loud, so I don’t shush them. I keep it at the level I can tolerate. Reminding them every so often when I know the whole store can hear their shrieks of delight that they do indeed have inside voices.

Apparently one time when I made sweet potatoes for baby food a blob ended up on our kitchen wall. The thing is it matched the paint perfectly, so by the time I noticed it was hard and stuck on, then it took time to remember to tell Matt. He looked at it and said if he scraped it off we would have to touch up the paint. Yep it is still on the wall, dare you to find it. 😉

Our home office floors are currently cement and have been since Septemberish. Really crappy looking cement. Home improvement gone wrong and too lazy to fix.

Okay enough sharing for now, also there are probably typos in this post, but I am not the best proofreader.

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  1. Stephanie you rock!! Thank you so much for this, I may now need to do my own. You are an amazing wife, mother and blogger. =)

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