Christmas 2011

Great christmas and a two very excited boys. Noah & Ezra have really been very excited in a genuine way this season. Not about presents, but about the presence of it all. Its very refreshing to see their joy and outlook on the season.


As always. we took a ton of photos. Here are some of our favorites. Click to enlarge. No comments for now, just too many fun moments.

Advent: 22 and 23

On the 22 we played and sang some Christmas carols. Nothing like trying to play the piano with a squirmy toddler on each side and a cat in your lap. We had fun though, even if Noah kept turn the pages of my music book in the middle of the song.

On the 23 we drove around and looked at lights. The boys had decided to skip nap and were out cold by 6:50 pm. They were a little upset when we got home and were unloading them out of the car, but they were right back out when we tucked them into bed. Bonus they slept all the way until 8 am!

Advent: 19, 20, and 21

We’ve still been doing our advent calendar, just don’t have pictures of monday or tuesday. Monday we went to the local frozen yogurt shop and tried the holiday flavored yogurt. It was eggnog and we put a little crushed candy cane on top. It was yummy! We had friends join us which was a lot of fun and then we took some to daddy at work. On Tuesday we read The Road to Bethlehem. It is an Ethiopian version of the nativity that I happened to buy before the boys came home (seeing the crazy prices now I’m glad I grabbed it up at a much more reasonable cost!) Wednesday we went on a family picnic at the park. It was nice to have lunch with daddy for once. 🙂


On this cold and gloomy day we let the boys have hot cocoa with marshmallows. They enjoyed it a lot. Noah’s main goal was just to get the marshmallows though and he ended up a little messy. 🙂


We went to watch our church’s living nativity Saturday night. The best part of any living nativity is the animals of course! This year there were three baby goats! The boys loved them, and the donkey, Ezra always loves the donkeys.

First Dentist Appointment

The boys had their first dentist appointment last month. It went really well. Daddy walked them through the process the night before, and they were excited to meet Dr. Karen. She showed them how to brush their teeth, did a quick exam and cleaning. Ezra seemed to enjoy the whole process. Noah was a little apprehensive when it was his turn to get in the chair, but he did it and no tears! They were super excited about their new light-up tooth brushes and that they got to pick out a treasure when they were all done.

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving this year. We hosted for the first time and everything turned out great. We had lots of fun with Papa, Gamma, and Great Aunt Sherri.

The boys made pine cone turkeys the day before and when they saw me cooking the turkey, they went and cooked their pine cone turkeys in their kitchen.

Funny Quotes – IV

Wow it has been a long time without a post about the silly things the boys say! Hope this brings a smile to your face. 🙂

There is a key that doesn’t work on the piano. Ezra, “Daddy needs change batteries.”

“More shopping and then Death.” – Ezra (halloween display featuring Death at the grocery store)

Ezra just walked around the corner, “I’m special. Ezra special.”

Matt was talking to me and said “maybe I can take them to the p-a-r-k.”. Noah, “I want to play park.” Guess we have spelled that one enough!

Ezra has been emphatically saying ocean all day, except it sounds like “oh sh*t.”

Told Ezra he couldn’t watch tv because he didn’t have a good attitude. His response, “I don’t want a good attitude.”

We were eating salmon cakes for dinner and Noah just asked for “more cat please” ummm we don’t eat those here buddy.

Matt asked Ezra if he was going to be Thomas for Halloween, “no I’m Ezra!”

We were singing songs before nap-time and Ezra pounds on his chest and says, “I’m a man.”

‎”Let’s chase the pretty girl!” – Ezra (oh my it begins)

The boys were watching a tv show: little boy “Hi my name is Noah …” Ezra, “You’re not Noah! You’re not Noah!”

“Bug don’t eat my ogurt, okay BUG. Don’t eat my ogurt.” – Ezra

The boys were getting ready to leave with daddy to go get pizza – Noah, “I’ve got to go to work, bye.”

Was just told in a very serious tone, “Lightening McQueen wants to talk to you.”

We were explaining to the boys they start swim lessons on Saturday and Ezra says, “and its cold … And there’s sand!” Think he likes the beach much?
you say “potato” Ezra says “tomato” ehhh it’s all the same right?

Me: we’re going to Starbucks mommy needs caffeine. Ezra: cat food! He also refers to cashews as cat shoes.

I was telling the boys they are so smart. Noah, “I’m smart!” Ezra, “I’m smarter!”

‎”mommy and daddy make me feel happy.” heart melt, way to turn the morning around Ez.

Ezra calls caterpillars “caterpickles” took me a bit to figure out how pickles turned to butterflies.

‎”Daddy play sweet potatoes pleeease.” “Sweet potatoes arm falling off!” quotes from Ez re Mr. Potato Head.

‎”mommy twobutt, look mommy twobutt!”. Finally figured out he was trying to say tuba.

The boys’ observations on 347 this morning, “mommy cars are racing, mommy police car are racing!”

Ezra was calling muffins as they baked, “That one is Ezra’s, that one is Ezra’s, that one is Ezra’s.”

Noah from the back seat of the car, “there’s rain, there’s some more rain, and more rain!”

The other day the windshield wipers were annoying Ezra so I explained it was so I could see the road. The next day I turned them on again, Noah, “There’s the road, There’s the road…” (yep every time they wiped.)

Ezra, “daddy is a papa, mommy is a gamma, Michelle is a Jason, Jason is a maybe Thomas. Jason is a James.” (Just so you know thomas and james are trains)

Ezra “I want to ride a school bus” me “you have to go to school to get to ride” a little while later we see another school bus, Ezra “we get to go to school!”

Me “two minutes till nap time.” Ezra, “NO!” Me, “but we can’t go do something fun tonight if you don’t nap.” Noah very matter-of-fact, “Oh yeah, that’s right.”


We made gram cracker houses for day 14 of advent. We had some construction issues so they ended up looking more like bunkers, but fun was had and way too much sugar was consumed.


Today’s advent activity was to deliver all the goodies we’ve been making. I delivered some earlier in the day to a couple of people, and we were supposed to deliver to a few neighbors tonight. We got all ready to go and then noticed it was pouring down rain. Since we own no rain gear and the world’s smallest umbrella Matt made us stay home. We will have to finish our deliveries tomorrow.


Last night we set out to make sugar cookies. It wasn’t going so well so I finished up the rolling and cutting out by myself. We then waited until tonight to do the decorating. Which was met with much enthusiasm and tears. Three year olds can be a tad emotional!


Visit Santa! The boys went to a local Santa who volunteers his time to collect food for the food bank. The boys answered every question he asked with “3!” (Noah holds up four fingers, while Ezra holds up three.) Guess we are stuck on our age right now.