Swim Lessons

The boys started taking swim lessons this month. It is at a nice indoor pool, separated by a giant glass wall. I can easily watch and relax while they learn to swim. It is a group class of up to four kids, but the last few times it has been just the boys. The first lesson they screamed the entire time, the second lesson we split them up which went fine, but then I decided to start going on a weekday instead of Saturday. The pool is nice and quiet during the week and Noah is doing so much better without all the noise. I know eventually he’ll have to get use to a noisy pool, but for now this is the best environment for him.

You can just click on the first photo to scroll through, see the images larger, and read the captions.

Small Business Saturday

Today is small business saturday and I know of a few wonderful small business having sales today in honor of it. I also have a few links in the sidebar to some of my favorite etsy.com shops. If you are a small business and are having a sale today, please post a link in the comment section.

A Stitch of Mine is offering 20% off today with the coupon code HOMEMADE. Her products are wonderfully made.

2 Chicks Cakery is offering 20% off all orders placed this weekend. My sister-in-law Michelle is following her passion and baking yummy cupcakes!

Stop Traffic[k] is having a three day sale on their t-shirts. They are determined to help abolish slavery.

Then and Now – Stroller

I don’t know why but the transition to three has been a little hard on me.  Going from the baby/toddler phase to the pre-school phase is tough.  I love it, but it has also made me very nostalgic.  I keep finding myself looking at old videos and photos.

It had been a while since we used the stroller and today when the boys got in I just couldn’t believe how big they looked.

Noah & Ezra turn 3

It’s hard to believe, but our wonderful boys are 3!. They are getting so big and so smart. They count to 30 with little issues, say please and thank you very well. If anyone sneezes or coughs within 20 feet of them they immediately say bless you. They know their ABC’s like the back of their hand, and even draw some letters and numbers when coloring. I love how quickly they are figuring stuff out. They still love thomas the train and lightening mcqueen. They spend a lot of time playing fiarly well together, trains, cars, mud in the back yard, riding bikes, and jumping off of stuff. They are still brothers and toddlers so they do have their moments, but all in all they are wonderful little boys.

We spread their birthday out a bit over the weekend. Train themed birthday party on sunday, complete with a kid sized track and wall tunnel. They boys loved it.

Then on to the cake! All week they kept wanting their fire. Not just candles, they wanted their very own fire to blow out. It was funny.

Monday (their actual birthday) We went to the zoo. They had a great time seeing some of their favorite animals. As always we took a few pictures to share!

photo friday 11.11.11

Boys sure like to jam

A glimpse into our future teen drivers

Currently, we are jamming on some unique versions of ABCs and Old MacDonald’s wild farm.

You heard right, a dolphin, that makes elephant noises, and a giraffe.

Halloween 2011

This was the first Halloween that the boys understood what was going on and it was really a lot of fun. We explained trick or treating on Saturday and Ezra was ready to go! When it came to actually doing it they were so shy and quiet. Which really shocked me because they talk to everyone when we go out.

We carved pumpkins on Sunday with my family. Went trick or treating and then went Gamma and Papa’s to show off our costumes, the boys helped hand out candy (I think they liked this the best), and then home to check out our candy.

The last couple of photos are some snacks I made for play school on Friday and some balloons we decorated with on Monday. We really had a lot of fun this year. Here are the glow balloons we used for decoration. The swamp juice recipe and the eyeballs (the fingers are just cheese and almonds, you can use a food safe marker or other decorating gel for the knuckles.)