Pumpkins and Butterflies

Last Friday we took a little field trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens. We visited the pumpkin patch and saw the Monarch Butterflies. Gamma, Papa, and Abby joined out. It was a lot of fun!

You can see a few more pics here.

First Disney Trip!

This last week we spent the week in southern california with papa, gma, jason, michelle, and cousin abby. We had a blast, got to meet micky, ride some rides, and generally had a blast. We went to the beach the next day for some relaxing water time.


We took a few photos. Just a few.


Big Financial Goal Conquered

Warning this post discusses our personal finances. We usually do not discuss our personal finances, but we wanted to do a post on this subject for two reasons:

  1. A record for ourselves. Something for us to look back on and remember, we learned a lot in the last two years and would just like a record for ourselves.
  2. Encouragement/inspiration for others trying to work on their financial goals. We’ve read a lot of financial success stories over the years and they have always kept us going. It is a nice reminder to know you can do it!

We use our blog to primarily keep friends and family updated on the boys, but it is also a record of our life as a family and this step was important to us. If you do not want to read about our personal finances please stop reading now. πŸ™‚

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Matt completed his first century, 100 mile bike ride, this past weekend! Seriously impressive if you ask me. I would not want to sit on a bike seat that long. The ride took place in beautiful San Luis Obispo. He rode up and down hills (pretty flat here so that was exciting), through fog, and along the coast line. Gorgeous ride!

I am so proud of you!

He was raising money for Fireproof ministries and you can still donate if you would like.


We had a very dry, dusty summer. Yesterday’s rain was very welcome.

Funny quotes 3

Ezra says to Noah, while both are riding laps in the house on bikes: “Hey Noah, go fast, go really really fast. It’s easy!”

Noah while in time out: “Noah, clean up this mess right now!” Β (yes, he made a mess, but glad he wasn’t cutting himself any slack.

“28, 29, 2010, 2011, 2012…” – noah counting past 29.

“Daddy get iPad, daddy plays letter games” Β Yes, thats what daddy does with the ipad.

“Ezra let taffy out! I sure did!” – ezra

We’ve been working on first and last names with the boys. They know their names and mommy’s names and we taught them daddy’s name one night. Matt asked them one more time what mommy’s name was. Ezra enthusiastically shouts, “Bingo.”

Ezra was pretend pouring drinks. He was giving me cup after cup of milk. After a while I went to the bathroom, and I hear a knock at the door, “Stephanie” me: yes, “Want a beer?”

β€Ž”That’s great Ezra. That’s cool buddy!” – Noah

The boys are serving us food and I pointed they didn’t give daddy a cookie, Ezra, “daddy go poop get treat.”

During a Cowboys game I accidentally shut the tv off adjusting it, Noah in his your in big trouble voice, “Mommy, back on, Noah watching Cowboys.” That’s my boy. πŸ™‚

β€Ž”jump Ezra, jump, here hold my hand. Yay you did it!” overheard while they were supposed to be napping.

“there is a cow in our wall” – Ezra