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Pueblo Zoo

Nana & Papa took the boys to the pueblo zoo today. Lots of fun, and we practically had the place to our selves. We saw all kinds of animals, but saying noah loved the otters may be an understatement.

wordless wednesday 6.29.11

Conversations from the back seat

2 hours in the car Ezra, “I want to go home.” me “but we’re going to Colorado” Ezra, “bye bye Colorado” Ezra, “I want pizza, I want ice cream!” (at 6:45 am) Ezra, “daddy push triangle button.”

Gardening 2011

This spring has been a super busy gardening season for me. Usually I have my little backyard garden that I tinker with and get some food in return. This year I had two new opportunities that have kept me very busy. I kept meaning to blog about my garden projects with little updates, but I…

Perfect Gentlemen

Today the boys had one of those rare days when you think, “hmmm maybe all this hard work is paying off.” I watched my friend’s two year old girl Sydni today. The boys were so excited she was coming over and couldn’t wait to show her their castle. When she arrived they greeted her with…

Wordless Wednesday – 06.22.2011

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to one super awesome daddy! You are amazing and it clear you LOVE your boys. It makes this momma’s heart very happy to see the bond you three have. I have no doubt that we have two little boys already wanting to be just like their daddy. They will be amazing men…


Last November we finished up the rest of the paperwork required for the boys to receive Certificate of Citizenships. Yesterday we drove up to Phoenix for our last immigration appointment ever! They gave us a window of time to show up, of course nap-time and the boys fell asleep on the way up. We were…

Silly rules

We have had to create a lot of silly rules in our house. Some of the best are worthy of sharing. No hockey sticks on the bed No guitars in the kitchen Get your brother out of the ottoman before closing it No standing on the sit and spin No eating crayons No crayons in…

Nibble, nibble, gnaw, Who is nibbling at my little house?

I purchased this pot from an old woman who lives in a cottage made of candy in the forest.

Things I never thought I’d have to say

As a parent you sometimes say things you never thought you would have to say. So I thought I would start a new series here on the blog. My favorite from the past is, “stop licking the outlets.” Today I had to say three new ones all to the same kid. Feel free to guess…

Family day 2011

Can you believe it’s been 2 years? We cant. Sometimes it feels like just last week we were in Ethiopia meeting these amazing boys, and some days it feels like it was forever ago. Want to see some exhausted parents who just traveled around the world to meet their sons? Last years Family day Post

Cute sayings and other fun stuff

Ezra is a little confused. Every time Matt says, “Let’s wrestle!” He runs of looking for “wrestle.” Yes he confuses wrestle with puzzle. So if Ezra asks to wrestle, he might want to just do a puzzle with you. The other day Noah came walking in funny and said, “Taffi poop, Taffi poop.” So I…

These things keep my kids safe, right?

why did I buy safety rails? from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.