New Cameras

After a friend posted pictures her kids took, I immediately asked her which camera they had. She told me about this camera and how durable it was. I began watching ebay for a good deal since I wanted to buy two. I finally found two from one seller and got my deal. They arrived yesterday and the boys have been snapping away. Matt and I love looking at their pictures even though they are graining and a ton of them are all black. Ezra is really getting it down and was doing good aiming it this morning. Noah just loves pushing buttons. I just hope he stops putting the flash against his eye and pushing the button.

Here are a few of our favorite pics so far.

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  1. Those are great! The girls still love ours, though it’s always a challenge to get them to hold still for a second after pressing the button so it doesn’t get blurry (w/o flash).

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