Monthly archives: February, 2011

trouble visits the aquarium

Took the boys to the Sea Life¬†aquarium. They really loved it and loved seeing all the fish. Lots to see and do, they bounced around all over from display to display.  

Sit ‘n Spin Fun

The boys have figured out how to spin and also that it came with a handy snack table. ūüôā

Finger Painting Fun

The boys finger painted some valentines last week for the ladies in their lives. I rarely break out the paint, even though they absolutely love it. Here are some pictures and a short video of the fun.             Finger painting fun from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Wordless Wednesday – 02.16.2011

valentines 2011

i love our family. I love stephanie so much, and i love our awesome little boys more than i can put into words.

Bike crashes

So the boys have been riding their bikes more and more, so today i took them out front and down the street. They are moving pretty good, but slow and get distracted too easily. But still. Today ezra decided on his own to bomb down the hill into the ravine. First through the rocks, then…

Photo Friday – 02.11.2011

Remember you can click on the first picture to see the whole picture, scroll, and see the captions.

My Messy Boys

Last week Ezra and I were busy looking for a missing toy and Noah found a tub of lotion and got a spoon from the kitchen. Luckily he had opened it on the tile, so when Ez and I wondered upon him I let Ez join in for a bit. Here is a short video…

Wordless Wednesday – 02.09.2011