Bike crashes

So the boys have been riding their bikes more and more, so today i took them out front and down the street. They are moving pretty good, but slow and get distracted too easily. But still.

Today ezra decided on his own to bomb down the hill into the ravine. First through the rocks, then i convinced him the grass is much softer to fall on. He fell all three times, but kept wanting to go again.

I got the second one on video. Notice after pick him up he wants his bike asap. Sad news is his bike may need some repair and wood glue after the third crash.

Photo Friday – 02.11.2011

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My Messy Boys

Last week Ezra and I were busy looking for a missing toy and Noah found a tub of lotion and got a spoon from the kitchen. Luckily he had opened it on the tile, so when Ez and I wondered upon him I let Ez join in for a bit.

Noah rubbing it in, yea this was some strong smelling lotion in large quantities!

Hooray they both have spoons now!

Stirring it up.

At least they were willing to clean it up!

Here is a short video of Ez skating on the lotion. He did really good and didn’t fall once. (He must have his daddy’s balance!) Wish I would have started taping earlier.

Skating on lotion from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.