Ez’s Favorite Game

Ez has a new favorite game. He has requested it every evening this week and we played it most of the morning (including one 45 minute stretch). He calls it “mommy night night.” What is mommy night night one might wonder? The rules are simple, mommy has to lay in bed while Ezra and Noah jump, wrestle, tickle (each other), giggle,and sometimes cuddle with mommy. Sometimes they do my hair, sometimes we sing songs, but mostly they act silly while mommy bums around. I promise you I did not come up with this game! Ez tells me, “mommy night night” or “mommy bed” and I just obey!

I have it tough, don’t I?

2 Replies to “Ez’s Favorite Game”

  1. Love it! Good mommy for listening to your children!
    Maiya has covered me up and tucked me in a few times now when I was sick and it was sure nice to have a little role reversal for about two minutes. Love hearing how these boys are growing up!

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