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Video Friday – 12.31.2010

I thought I would change things up a bit this Friday and share some videos instead. We gave the boys bikes for Christmas, we thought they would be excited. Just ignore your presents from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo. Trying out the sit ‘n spin from Papa and Nama. Sit n Spin from Stephanie Adams on…

wordless wednesday

Merry Christmas!

Photo Friday – 12.24.2010

Wordless Wednesday – 12.22.2010

First Visit With Santa

Photo Friday – 12.17.2010

wordless wednesday 12.15.2010

Cookie Making Time

This morning the boys and I made sugar cookies. Dough was eaten, icing was tested, and sprinkles were slightly over used. 😉 (just click on a picture if you want to see it bigger)

Two Years!

Yes I realize it has been almost a month since their birthday and I am just getting around to doing a post.  We finally did their two year check-up this week and they are normal, curious, healthy two year olds according to our doctor.  What can I say they keep me busy!  🙂  They are…

Morning out with Nama and Papa

This morning Nama and Papa took the boys, Abby, and me out on a little adventure. We went to see Santa at Bass Pro shop (but he wasn’t there, apparently he isn’t there all the time), but we did see lots of animals and fish. All three little ones had a lot of fun and…

Wordless Wednesday – 12.08.2010

Videos of the tree and misc

Noah And Ezra Awake from nap to find the tree they helped pick out earlier in the day, all lit up with pretty lights. I have no idea why they felt the need to blow out the lights like birthday candles, but they tried anyway. Ezra being a ham for the video camera, so i…

A Library for Sebeta

I first read about Ethiopia Reads in the beginning of our adoption journey. While I know it is very important to meet the basic needs of food and shelter, I also believe deeply in the power of education. When I originally heard about Ethiopia Reads I wanted to ensure a library was built in the…