Photo Friday – 11.05.2010

Yes he grabbed two lighters and shared with his brother, and yes we took a picture before taking them away. That's what the child safety part is for right?

Noah doing his hair.

Sitting and playing. Okay Ez is almost sitting, but it's hard when your brother is hogging the toy!

Get ready.


That just doesn't look comfortable.

Arm, arm, arm? Okay he says arm instead of hand.


Abby's just chillin'

Just hanging out.

Cousins having fun.

Someone has been needing his blanket more.

DSC_4261 Blankets in the swings.
Happy to have is blanket.
Don’t mess with his blanket.

Lastly a short video of Noah reading to mommy. He loves reading to me. 😀

Noah Reading from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

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