Photo Friday – 10.29.2010

Put lotion on himself.
Playing with Abby.
Let's just say I am now out of nutmeg.
Their favorite book right now. The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Attack of the Ezra!
Happy, Happy
The two cutest jack-o-lanterns ever. 🙂

Do it

Translated into a full sentence that would be, “I want to do it myself.”  As the boys near 2 I am seeing more and more of their independence and they want to do more and more themselves.  They also really want to help.  I try to let them “help” as much as possible and work very hard at letting them complete tasks are their own.  Obviously this can be frustrating for everyone involved on occasion, but I just remind us all to take a deep breath and then offer some encouragement.  The boys take great pride in doing things themselves and I love watching them light up after they’ve completed a task.
One of their favorite things to do is get their own breakfast. I make their breakfast and then set it on the edge of the counter so they can easily grab it and carry it to the table.

Ez grabbing his bowl.
Being careful.
Noah grabbing his bowl.
Striking a pose.
Putting it on the table.
Yes it is right on the edge! Don't worry it didn't fall.
Clearing his dishes.
Clapping for himself. 🙂
Noah clearing his. Noah is a very slow eater and comes back for more bites during the morning that is why he is suddenly wearing clothes.
Clapping for himself. (I should note the slow eating is just breakfast)

I’ve been trying to introduce them to cups with out sippies and they kept accidentally knocking them over.  I read a trick this week to use a baby food jar as a cup.  It is glass so it doesn’t knock over easy like plastic and it is a jar you are reusing so if it gets broken your dish set is still complete.  The boys loved drinking their water out of it today.

Noah with his glass.

Ez drinking.

Pumpkins at the Botanical Gardens

The Desert Botanical Gardens had a little pumpkin patch this weekend.  Unfortunately to get to the pumpkin patch you had to do a hayride and the line was about an hour long.  With three antsy toddlers we decided to skip that part.  We had a nice time running around the garden and seeing some pumpkins on a truck.


Ezra ran so much!

What do you think is so much fun?

Water of course!


I need to hold this?

Almost got a shot of him looking at the camera and smiling.

Happy girl.

She reminds me so much of her daddy in this one.
DSC_3455 (1)

Why do I have to sit here?
DSC_3451 - Version 2

Three toddlers in one photo?  No one is ever looking.

Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday Grandma took the grandkids (plus her kids) to Chuck E. Cheese. It was the boys’ first time and they had a ton of fun! We were very lucky and had the run of the place. We played several games and no one was injured by the skee balls Abby was chucking. Noah loved putting the tokens in the machines, pretty much a game for him. Ezra road a couple of the rides and only got scared once.

Cheese 😀

But why did grandma go back outside?

Come back Grandma!

Hooray we all fit!

The boys loved this game. Putting balls in a bucket is a lot of fun!

Wait who was supposed to be watching Abby?

Photo Friday – 10.22.2010

Corer and pizza cutter are good toys right?

Boxes are fun.


Hey Oh

So happy. 🙂

He loves this piano.

Hi mom.

Someone used his peanut butter toast to call Papa.

Noah wants it to be a riding lawn mower.

Ezra doesn't mind pushing.

Playing computer games together.

My cuddly Noah.

Sleeping Ez.

Here’s a little video of the boys spinning. They had been spinning for a while and were getting a little dizzy. This is what they do when they are tired.

Spinning boys from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Stagecoach Days’ Fun

Our little city had Stagecoach Days’ this weekend. We took the boys and enjoyed a nice morning in the park.

We tried our first bounce houses, Noah was more into than Ezra, but they both just crawled around.

We also went over to the fire safety trailer and learned to be fire smart.

First you play with the fireplace. Funny thing they decided to not turn it on because it was just a few toddlers in the trailer and our boys were still drawn to it, good thing we con’t have one.

Then you run from the exit.

And then if your Ezra you break out your dance moves.

We also tried out a photo booth for the first time with the boys, shockingly two toddlers weren’t very cooperative. They just wanted to push the button!

We also petted some of the local 4h club animals and played in the Montessori pre-school booth for a while (which the boys loved). Sorry no pics as we were also too busy playing. Matt also was able to do a little networking, life in a small city does have its benefits.

Photo Friday – 10.08.2010

Sharing legos


We have been loving the weather

Trying to watch the game

The boys had gotten up early from nap and were falling apart before dinner time, thankfully the Wiggles worked to entrance them

He was seriously entranced

Noah is obsessed with my clogs, he wears them all over the house, and actually walks quite well in them

Hi Hi!
Ez 🙂
Look closely, what is that in his hand? Yes a domino, he is obsessed with them.
DSC_2679 - Version 2
Got my hair chopped off. 😀

Happy 30th!

Happy Birthday Jason! I personally think the 30s are great and hope you enjoy them just as much!

Just so you know you are my favorite little brother. 😉

Potty Training

Our entire weekend next week suddenly opened up, so we are considering one of the three day potty training methods. The one that I read reported that 22 months is the best age to potty train, and the boys will be 23 months next week. I am wanting input from parents, but not on methodology or the correct age. (okay you can offer it if you want I won’t turn down free advise.)

But what I really want is a pro and con list of a potty trained child. I think a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about how to potty train, but I want to think of the after the potty training consequences and benefits.

If potty training next weekend doesn’t work out, we will think about it again sometime after the craziness of the holidays.

Please share your input. 🙂