Quiet play

The boys don’t really play quiet all that often, but they have been engaging in more quiet play activities. I just might be loving it. It doesn’t last for a super long time, but does add a nice break or two in our day. Their current favorites are Mr. Potato Head and Puzzles.

Solving the puzzle together.

Ez really likes the animal puzzles

Eating his creation.

Hard at work.

Sometimes we borrow some of Mr. Potato Head's accessories.

Mommy’s Little Helpers

Funny Noah wouldn't eat the sweet potatoes off his plate, but when Ezra fed him he ate plenty.

The boys have really been into helping lately, and while it is often more of a hinderance than a help, I don’t mind one bit because they are trying their hardest. Here’s a few of the things they’ve done lately:

Ezra cleaned up all the clothes, toys, hangers on their bedroom floor and put them in the hamper. (never mind that some of those things don’t go in the hamper, or that most of those clothes were clean clothes they removed from their closet, and part of it was the basket of clean diapers)

Noah set the table yesterday for their breakfast. He place both bowls of oatmeal on the table all by himself with no prompting from me. He also cleared the dishes and put them in the sink. (at lunch he decided to dump the remaining food in the middle of the kitchen floor for the dog)

The above picture shows Ez feeding Noah. They have both really been into offering each other bites. (doesn’t matter that the food often ends up on the floor, table, and themselves)

Ezra recently spit out some ibuprofen I gave him. I handed him a rag and told him to clean it up, both boys then proceeded to scrub the kitchen floor. All the while Noah was warning everyone the floor was slippery.

They both frequently bring each other their sippy cups, often figuring out that is what was needed before mommy.

I am sure they would do so much more if their mommy would let them!

Car Wash

Matt wanted to wash the car this weekend and I offered for the boys and I to “help.” He knew we wouldn’t be a help, but was happy to have fun with the boys while getting something done.

Running from the water

Ez wanting to touch the water, but not get too close

Always with the tongue out

Showers 🙂


Just a little soapy

The face?

Supervising daddy.

Trying to figure out the hose.


Trying to get a drink


Matt doing all the work

What did I do besides take pictures? Chase down the runners!

Photo Friday – 09.10.2010

Noah helping daddy

Ez helping daddy

Ez doing the work himself

Wow they sat still for at least 5 minutes!

Kissing Mr. Potato Head

That face just makes me smile

Naming the people in the picture

Hehe that face, just screams naughty

Licking his favorite picture

Getting creative

Sweeping out the dust pan

Noah put his shoes on by himself, and then tried to help Ezra

Grandma bought them new shoes, to say Noah was obsessed would be an understatement

Reading on the couch

The Car Wash, a current obsession

Ez, looking so grown up

Eye, Eye, Eye!

My teething boy 🙁

Ez loves on the kitty, just like the kitty loves on him

enjoying some nature

Decorating the cat with some nature

Filling his dump truck, shortly before the sand slinging event that caused the box to close for the reminder of the day

Noah in the wild 🙂

I have no idea why he got down there

Ezra helped him out though!

Proud of himself 🙂

Pushing my Buttons

Tonight at dinner I had about had it with the boys’ behavior. I finally turned to Ez and said, “are you trying to push all my buttons?” He then started making electronic button noises and pointing in the air like he was pushing buttons.

(I know not my best parenting moment, but it was too cute not to pass along)

How I save all the recipes I find online

If you are like me, you love to find new yummy recipes to try. I find most of my new recipes from other people’s blogs. Apparently we all really like to talk about food, or just the people I follow do. :)

For the longest time I had no idea how to successfully organize the online recipes so I could find them when I wanted, I just had a folder on my hard drive that was a jumbled mess. I didn’t want to print them, because well then I would just have a jumbled mess of papers (okay I actually have several three-ring binders for this purpose, but was tired of wasting paper and organizing it). Enter my super, amazing husband who introduced me to Evernote. You can easily save, tag, make notes, and search recipes (okay it isn’t just for recipes that’s just my primary use). The best part it is FREE! It can cost money if you want to pay to have more monthly space, but really it isn’t necessary.

Do you want to see how easy it is? I took a few screen shots to show you. Just click on any of the images to see the picture bigger.

Highlight what you want to save, you can save the whole page if you want, but that takes more space.

Push the elephant on your browser, I have Safari.

How it now looks in evernote

How it looks after I have changed the title and added the tags I wanted

Searching for something for dinner.

The sidebar where you can have different notebooks to organize whatever you want.

My someday dream is to have all my recipes in evernote, no more three ring binders. I can either scan them in and add them or type up short ones.

Evernote is backed up online, so I have no fear of losing my recipes. You can easily delete ones you don’t like, or make notes on what you want to change. It is super easy and I LOVE it!

Halloween Costume Ideas

We tried on the boys’ costumes from last year and they still fit, but the boys absolutely do NOT like having something over their heads. This rules out lots of cute costumes for toddlers.

I would like to hear your ideas for Halloween Costumes for twin boys, with no masks or head pieces. Hats might be okay, but probably wouldn’t last long. We are currently thinking of Ketchup and Mustard, but would love to have more ideas.