Canvas on Demand Deal

Remember a while back when I blogged about a friend raffling off a gift certificate to Canvas on Demand?  Well we won that raffle and ordered our Canvas, two to be exact, and we love them.

Hanging above the piano

Close-up view

View of the sides, we couldn't do the wrap look, because the one in the wagon would have cut Ez's head off.

The boys love saying bye-bye to the babies on the wall. 🙂

If you are interested Groupon is having a deal today for the 16×20 Canvas for $45, this is the size we have.

Photo Friday – 08.27.2010

Yes I realize it is Sunday, but Friday was busy and some people refused their nap!

Since Kim thinks the boys are always happy, I thought I would show you their unhappy faces. Ezra's.
Noah's. He likes to show us his a lot these days. 🙂
Always looking for something to stand on, the mini mesob we brought home from Ethiopia makes a good step stool.
Don't bother me I'm eating.
Seriously, don't bother me.
I think you missed your mouth.
Rain fun = wet boy.
Rain + dirt = muddy boy.
Having a ton of fun!
Cute, dirty boy. 🙂
It's raining, so logically you need to get water from your pool and start watering plants.
Thirsty boy.
Going to have to ask the sitter what they did.

Photo Friday – 08.20.2010

Sometimes you need to eat your breakfast with your giraffe.
Little milk mustache.
Rockin' a milk mustache too.
Vacuum Attachment Wars!
What we've been eating.
Talking to Papa on the phone.
When you are done playing with your children, please be sure to put them away.
I am not sure if they were wrestling each other or the sheet.
About to attack.
Lots of giggles.
They have discovered that they can move chairs around to get to things. 🙁

Free closet organizer!

Okay it isn’t really an organizer, but it was a free and easy fix for the boys’ closet. When I lamented on Facebook about not having a dresser big enough to fit the boys’ t-shirts so they could pick their own, a friend suggested a free, easy fix. A pole with rope! Wouldn’t you know we had an old broom handle and a random length of rope lying around? Matt had it up within minutes of me telling him the idea. Noah happily chose his own shirt (and Ezra’s) on Sunday, shockingly he chose matching ones. Then today they both chose their own. 🙂

*I do not think they need a bigger dresser, it is a very nice dresser/diaper changing combo, but it is full of cloth diapers, shorts and pajamas.

Excuse me

We are working on the boys saying excuse me after they burp. When they burp we simply prompt them to say “excuse me.” Ezra says something that sorta sounds like excuse me. Noah on the other hand pats his chest and says what clearly sounds like “mommy.” Guess he is already blaming me? 😉

Where’s the Pause Button?

Noah is obsessed with cups.

Love how they both are staring into the cup as they drink!

My little guys are not wanting to be little anymore. They try so hard to do everything on their own. The new desire for independence is bittersweet. Hooray I don’t have to do everything for them, but oh is it so hard to wait and watch them do the little things for themselves! It can be a little bit frustrating. They don’t have the words to express what they want and the tantrums can be often and looooong. I am also struggle with finding the balance between pushing them to grow-up too fast and letting them grow-up at their speed without getting in the way. I often think they are not capable of doing something, but it turns out they are.

They currently would prefer to drink out of regular cups, no sippy cups please! I decided they can have regular cups at the table. They decided that they should start sticking their forks and then their food into the cups. Took the cups away after the appropriate warnings and full fledged tantrums erupted and no dinner was eaten. 🙁 They do a great job of drinking out of the cups. I am hoping once the novelty has worn off it will go smoother.

As noted in a previous post Noah is starting to have opinions about what he wears. Last night he was screaming for 15 minutes. Turns out he wanted to wear a red shirt instead of the green shirt daddy put on him. How did we figure that one out? I started un-packing their suitcase and he found a red shirt and held it up to me. I think we will work on re-organizing their clothes this weekend so they can find what they want more easily.

Thinking about potty training. Yea I am shocked about that too! I was thinking I had a year until I seriously considered it, but the boys are letting me know when they have pooped. Noah flat out refuses to go sitting down. Every time on the trip when he had to go, he would arch his back, scream, and try to get out of his seat. We would stop and he would go with in 5 minutes. He KNOWS when he has to go. Ezra I am not so sure about, he will let me know after the fact that he needs a diaper change. He also didn’t go in his car seat once and waited until we stopped, not sure if it was a coincidence or he just wasn’t as vocal. Currently I am just working on the words, because if they can’t use the words to tell me it will be much more difficult. I read an article recently about potty training boot-camp style at two years, I figured I would do it in January (after all the holiday craziness), but I am trying to feel it out and if the boys are ready sooner I will be doing it sooner.

I am continually amazed at how fast they grow-up!

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and daddy ever! Ezra, Noah, and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. We are looking forward to celebrate many more with you!