Monthly archives: July, 2010

Photo Friday – 07.30.2010 (road trip edition)

Happy it’s raining! from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.


MVI 8941 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo. He learned to shout Boo! from Grandpa and Grandma (also known as Papa and Mama).

Wordless Wednesday – 07.28.2010


Saturday after dinner, we looked outside and it started to rain.  The boys got super excited so we headed out to play in the rain.  We haven’t seen any really good rains yet this monsoon season, but this one was nice and really cooled the evening off.

Bottle Love

The boys gave up baby bottles quite a while ago. Recently they discovered their daddy’s blue camelbak bottle. They loved it so much they were constantly fighting over it. Here is the beloved item: A couple of weekends ago their daddy decided to take them to the bike store to buy their own. Matt said…

Expressing a little individuality

Today Matt dressed the boys for church. He dressed them alike as we do most of the time. Noah kept bringing him a different pair of shorts, and then he kept bringing them to me. I told him he was already dressed and we weren’t changing him. He would not have it and had on…

Beware of Sleeping while Black

Matt and I were watching tv the other night and the show “What would you do?” came on, it deals with topics from annoying cellphone users, public abuse to racism.  I always end up being shocked and saddened by the ones on racism. This particular story really was eye opening to what we are facing…

Photo Friday – 07.23.2010

Jumping Boy

The boys love to jump in their cribs and on the couch (yes I allow this).  When they do this they are always holding on to something, plus using the natural springiness of the object they are jumping on.  Last night Noah figured out how to jump standing on the ground!  He was super excited…

Wordless Wednesday – 07.21.2010

Photo Friday – 07.16.2010

Three toddlers + one grandpa = not one perfect photo

but who cares!  It makes for a fun series of photos.

Grandpa’s Birthday

Fathers’ day was also my dad’s birthday. We celebrated with cake and presents! Happy Birthday Dad!

Fathers’ Day Pictures

I finally have removed the Fathers’ Day pictures from Matt’s camera. Yes I am aware that was almost a month ago, but I don’t like to touch his camera. On Fathers’ Day we made waffles, went to my parents’ for lunch, and then napped! Here’s some pictures from our day.