Photo Friday – 07.30.2010 (road trip edition)

Hitting the road!
They have no idea how long the day will be.
Noah fighting nap.
Trying out the buckle toy.
Deep in concentration.
It was more fun this way.
Rain! (it came just in time, the boys were cranky and this cheered them right up)

Happy it’s raining! from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Happy Matt.
Ez has had enough. 🙁
Smiling at daddy.
Kissing his guns.
Trying some sweet and sour sauce.
Trying on Lynnette's sunglasses.
McDonald's is now featuring Noah as an attraction (seriously that boy is a ham!)
All ready for bed.
Nothing but glow worm.


Saturday after dinner, we looked outside and it started to rain.  The boys got super excited so we headed out to play in the rain.  We haven’t seen any really good rains yet this monsoon season, but this one was nice and really cooled the evening off.

Catching the rain.
Trying his tongue now.
Wet Ez.
Extreme close-up!
Happy boy.
They insisted daddy go clean up the "dirty"
My boys.
Dancing in the rain.
Loving it.

Bottle Love

The boys gave up baby bottles quite a while ago. Recently they discovered their daddy’s blue camelbak bottle. They loved it so much they were constantly fighting over it.

Here is the beloved item:

A couple of weekends ago their daddy decided to take them to the bike store to buy their own. Matt said he couldn’t even get out the store with them needing them. 🙂

Holding them in the car. I know Noah doesn’t look happy, but he was!

Sorry that was is a bit blurry. Matt said Ez was giggling away and then dead silence. Out cold clutching his bottle. (don’t worry Matt was safe, the picture was taken at a red light)

The boys love drinking their water out of their big kid bottles.  😀

Expressing a little individuality

Today Matt dressed the boys for church. He dressed them alike as we do most of the time. Noah kept bringing him a different pair of shorts, and then he kept bringing them to me. I told him he was already dressed and we weren’t changing him. He would not have it and had on the cutest, pouty face. I finally caved. I figured they are old enough to start expressing themselves more.

Ez as dad dressed him. (He apparently didn't want his picture taken)

Noah in the shorts he just had to wear. 🙂

Beware of Sleeping while Black

Matt and I were watching tv the other night and the show “What would you do?” came on, it deals with topics from annoying cellphone users, public abuse to racism.  I always end up being shocked and saddened by the ones on racism. This particular story really was eye opening to what we are facing as Noah and Ezra age, being a young, black male has its risks.

Here is the story. I am embedding just Part 2 because that is where the racism part starts, but here is a link to Part 1 if you are interested.

Photo Friday – 07.23.2010

Discovered he could put his sippy in a cup to drink like a big person.
Then showed his brother how.
He was not happy about walking into the roof run-off.
Getting a little dirty.
Mowing in the rain.
Nope not a good idea to turn the pool upside down to let it finish draining.
Dancing on the scale, no he does not weight just 20 pounds.
Not proper slide form.
Noah giving Ez a little shove.
Silly face.
Mom was concentrating too hard on something else.
I was wiping the table and he wanted to do it.
"Decorating" the cactus with rocks and other natural items.

Jumping Boy

The boys love to jump in their cribs and on the couch (yes I allow this).  When they do this they are always holding on to something, plus using the natural springiness of the object they are jumping on.  Last night Noah figured out how to jump standing on the ground!  He was super excited and proud of himself.  🙂

I tried to catch it on video.  It’s not the best video, it is a little dark, and Taffi and Ezra make an appearance.  Noah was catching one to two inches of air every time.

MVI 8847 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Photo Friday – 07.16.2010

Noah doing the mopping

Yes he is a big Geordi La Forge fan.

and so is Noah.


Yep another uh-oh

At least he is cute.

Cooking legos

The cooking needed some bling.

I have hands.


Still Spinning!

I couldn't open this, he offered to use his muscles.

Passing something back to his brother.

This game could go on all day!

I am pretty sure he walked better in my heels than I do.

Game time.

Hello! How are you. (yes we are teaching them proper phone manners)

Grandpa’s Birthday

Fathers’ day was also my dad’s birthday. We celebrated with cake and presents! Happy Birthday Dad!

The birthday boy and Abby opening gifts.
We're going to have cake happy dance.
I can't wait another second for cake!
The cake, sorry this was the best pic I had.
The ice cream cake had little cones on top, perfect for toddlers.
Some on my arm, now to lick that off!
Abby getting a little assistance.

Fathers’ Day Pictures

I finally have removed the Fathers’ Day pictures from Matt’s camera. Yes I am aware that was almost a month ago, but I don’t like to touch his camera.

On Fathers’ Day we made waffles, went to my parents’ for lunch, and then napped! Here’s some pictures from our day.

Yummy Waffles!
Noah liked them too!
Matt's stack (okay only slightly kidding, he did eat a ton though!)
Do not take this kid's cell phone!
Sorry Jason this is the only picture we have of you. Happy Father's day little bro!
Me and my little piano man. 🙂
Michelle giggling uncontrollably.
Now it's Ezra's turn!
Happy Father's Day Matt!
Grandpa and Noah.
Grandpa and the boys.
They love this top.
Throwing Noah around.
Ez's turn.
Happy Abby.
Daddy playing in the water with Ez
Matt's present from the boys. He loved them. 🙂
Calm ending to an eventful day, reading. Love my guys.