Making Injera

Cute little injera

Tomorrow is our Family Day and I am making Ethiopian food for the first time (hope it turns out!). I am looking forward to adding Ethiopian food to our meal rotation, we all love it, plus it is easy to make vegetarian or vegan.

Tonight we made the injera (a spongy bread made from teff that you eat the food with). Injera is actually a couple day process because it has to ferment, mmmm fermented bread, tasty.

Here it is fermenting, lovely no?

I started the process Saturday morning and didn’t have to do anything else until today. A few of the instructions in the cookbook I have were a little iffy, but I kept going.

All done fermenting ready to cook! (I think)

Matt helped me cook it because he is the better pancake cooker of us.

It's not pretty, but it will do

The injera turned out for the most part.  It is definitely the right consistency and texture.  It is a little tangier than what we are used to, don’t know if it is the type of teff we used or the fact that the restaurant we frequent also mixes in wheat.

Cooking with a smile

I am sorry I waited so long to finally try.  It really wasn’t all that bad.  No it isn’t as good as in Ethiopia or at the restaurant, but it is edible and great for our first try.

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  1. I am going to have to get this recipe from you. I have considered replacing Paul’s waffles with injera, I think he would like it more than the rice waffles.
    .-= sandi´s last blog ..Allergies a plenty =-.

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