New Adventure

I figured I didn’t have enough to do and needed a little more adventure in my life. 😉 It’s not a huge adventure and one I hope to find as a fun outlet.

I am starting a new blog for all the homemaking things (seriously could not think of a better word) I like to do. I want to keep this current blog more of a family blog, keep track of the boys as they grow, all the family adventures we do, and more personal stuff (again lack of a better word*). Sometimes you might see the same post on both blogs (if you choose to read both), but most of the time it will be different. I will be posting more recipes and crazy things I try over there. Please come and join my Homemaking Adventures!

I am using nicknames for the boys over there, but did decide to post pics. I went back and forth, but honestly I think pics often make the blog (plus seriously I have some cute boys!). I hope to keep some privacy for them and if some day they don’t want me to use their cute faces anymore I will stop.

*(Hoping more blogging will somehow improve my vocabulary and writing skills)


Can you believe it? My babies graduated from the baby room at church. They are now in the toddler room. Which means they are starting to do crafts, sit at a table and have snack, and listen (hopefully) to a story. Here are some pics of their first crafts at church, crowns.

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of two toddlers wearing crowns on their heads? Anyway after I stopped taking pictures they started taking the foam stickers off and trying to eat them. Sigh, the crowns are now safely in the trash.

Kazoo time

My boys love music, good thing I have apparently been blessed with a tolerance for hearing a lot of musical creations throughout the day. Here’s a video including kazoos, piano, and a little singing.

MVI 8101 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Garage Sale Finds

On my way to work in the community garden this morning I saw someone setting up a garage sale. They had a little slide that I thought would be perfect for this summer (inside). But I passed because I was on my bike and on my way to work in the garden. 2.5 hours later it was still there, so I told the lady I would be back with the car. Best $10 I spent this summer. The boys love it. Now they have something to climb on besides the furniture! It will be so nice to have since it is already unbearable hot out after 10 am every day.

Immediately had to try it out.

Look at those happy faces! (ignore the messy house)

Also scored an art easel for $3!

My Sous Chef

Noah loves his kitchen, and he loves cooking when I am cooking. I moved the little kitchen into my kitchen a few weeks ago and it has been a big hit. I love watching him work so hard to be like mommy. It’s so cute and really makes spending time in the kitchen more fun.

Here’s a short video of him filling up his pot.

MVI 8112 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Cooking on the floor
Offering to help me stir my pot.
He got oil out of the pantry and "poured it" into his pan.

Photo Friday – 06.25.2010

9:40 am and out cold!

Noah getting surprised.

Can you now guess why Noah was surprised?

Noah getting squirted.

Now getting squirted by himself.

They made themselves a mud-hole.

I'm all wet and muddy, can I please get in your lap?

Again?!? I can't tell if he loves or hates it, because he gets mad, but then he keeps doing it.

Ezra seeing if mommy is telling through truth when she said that was ouchie.

Carter's new spot, underneath the play structure.

Grandpa and a laptop, what could be better?

Ganging up on him of course!

A boy and his (neighbor's) laptop!

Ez knows what he wants.

Helping clean up the oil slick he caused.

Mom do we really have to wait for them to cook?

Laminator Deal

I heard about this deal over at Tot School and thought I would share with you. I was also in the midst of setting up affiliate links with amazon for another project I am working on (more on that later) and thought I would give them a test spin here. I promise I will not be bombarding you with links to buy stuff through me to make money! You can get the Scotch Laminator for $31.49 and 50 Laminating Pouches for $10.30 and then send in for a $20 mail in rebate. So a laminator and pouches for $21.79! I am finding with toddlers I am wanting to laminate a few things and recently had four sheet laminated at a local store and it was $1.75 a sheet! It’s probably cheaper at an office supply store but we don’t have one nearby. Thanks for letting me test out my links on you.

Health Scare

The boys recently had a little health scare. Basically they had super high alkaline phosphatase levels (and some other numbers but that was the main one worrying the doctor) and have had on every test we’ve run since we have been home. The doctor wanted to run a few test to rule out things like leukemia (momma never wants to hear that one again!), heavy metal contamination, and some bone diseases. He made us do blood draws, urine testing, and x-rays. (It was a ton of fun!) Two toddlers getting tortured really. Luckily SuperDad was available to do all of the holding. It was a long couple of weeks, but in the end everything turned out normal. The doctor said he was happy with all of the results and in his opinion the high levels could be do to the fact that they could be making up for lost nutrition in Ethiopia and are growing like crazy now. He also told us that Africans have stronger bones than caucasians and that could also contribute to some of the numbers we’ve seen. It was not fun going through all the testing, but I am glad we did it and now know everything is okay. Had they not had previously high numbers I might have waited on all the test to see what a future test said.

I just wanted to put this out there for any parents who have seen high levels in their kids. Don’t worry it could be totally normal!

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband. You are one awesome daddy. Always willing to change a disgusting diaper or clean-up a little spit-up. You get up in the middle of the night to tend to your babies never complaining. You are teaching our boys to be wonderful men of God, respectful of women, and kind to all. You play, you read, you laugh with our boys and they love it. Their faces light up every day when you come home. I think it is the best part of their day. (it is mine :D) We all love you and so glad you are in our lives. Happy Father’s Day!

Eee I eee I oh

Here’s a short video of Ez being silly then singing the two songs he sort of knows. Old McDonald and If You’re Happy and You Know it (happy, happy, happy in Ez terms). Also a brief appearance by his brother who was feeling left out.

MVI 8068 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Photo Friday – 06.18.2010

Uncle Jason has his phone out, get it!

Abby 🙂

Abby giving carter some love



I put him in time out for 1 minute, I came back to this.

Yummy corn.

Cheesy, corn face?

Mom you want a bite?

Sweet corn and brothers, can life get any better?

First harvest of the summer season!