One year ago – March 31, 2009

As our Family Day quickly approaches, I thought I would start a series of post celebrating the photos we were so lucky to receive as we waited to travel. Shortly after our referral our agency lifted the ban they had on traveling families taking photos of the children. We were so lucky to have many traveling families take photos for us. Thanks so much to those families, because of them we have photos of much younger babies. In the world of international adoption this is an amazing blessing.

These photos were taken March 31, 2009.




This following photo is honestly the one I treasure the most. It’s not the best photo of them by far, but we are beyond privileged to have it. It was taken January 1, 2009. Yes you read that right, before our referral! Another family visited their orphanage and had captured twins boys. After receiving our referral they tracked us down through our agencies yahoo group. They were so kind to call us and tell us all about our boys’ orphanage. Plus they had managed to capture a shot of the two tiniest babies. 🙂

January 1, 2009

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  1. Major tears!! I love the teeniness of the boys, hard to believe they were ever that little!! I was given the awesome gift of a picture of Mari’s sister from a family traveling before me. They were there when Mari’s birthmom was picked up to take to court and they just happened to get a picture of Mari’s sister playing and happy (she was very shy and withdrawn when I met her). I treasure that picture more than any other. In other year, Mari will twin that picture….I wish I could see her sister now. Same sparkle in the eyes. Okay, back to work, enough crying Jill.

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