Officially Done

Nancy with the boys

We are done with the adoption process.  As part of the process we were required to have three post placement visits by our social worker.  (Technically we still have to send yearly report to Ethiopia, but I am not counting those as part of the process.)  We had our last visit last Friday and the report and several pictures will be off to Ethiopia shortly.  Post placement visits are easy, they just want to know where the kids are developmentally, what they are eating, what they like to do, and some things they like to play with.  They are also a chance for the parents to obtain any resource information they may need, have any questions answered, and hear from someone else that they haven’t totally screwed up their kids (yet).  We are happy to be done, but I will admit it does feel weird, when you start the process it feels never ending, and then all of the sudden you are done.

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