duathalon year duex.

So we have been training for our off road duathalon since january or so, and the race was this weekend. Check out last years duathalon coverage here.

We had a great weekend in prescott again this year. We had grandma and grandpa watch the boys while Stephanie and I went up for the evening. A friday night dinner and a minor league hockey game.

It was a brisk morning up in the mountains, but the sun was warming things up well. a 45° start temp.
Us ready to run & bike

Stephanie ran the first 1.5 mile run in her normal pace of 16 minutes. About a minute or two faster than last year.

Then I was off for the biking.
Coming in off the bike into the transition area

I improved about 4 minutes over last years ride time. It was less windy, but last year I had a bike with gears, this year I rode the single speed, and pushed it up the hills harder than I should have. I was able to ride up (where about half the 130 participants walked). I paid for it later when my lungs literally felt strained. I forgot that i normally ride at 1k feet elevation, and can do that kind of stuff, where a 5500 foot altitude plus a long & steep 1 mile climb takes my breath away. Literally.

Stephanie was off for the last leg of the run. She did improve over last year and came in strong. Some issues with altitude and pollen, but nothing her inhaler and a short walking couldn’t help.
Stephanie Coming in from the run

We finished at 1:32. we hope next year to improve much more.

It was a great night away and time with out our boys, but we were happy to get home and see them. They had a good time with grandma and grandpa, but they did like having us home.

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