Phoenix Children’s Museum

The boys’ received a membership to Phoenix Children’s Museum for Christmas. (I had asked for memberships places since we have lots of toys already.) We waited until now to actual purchase, so the boys could enjoy it a little more and enjoy it they did. They had lots of fun and kept us very busy!  It will be a great place to go and play once the weather is hot and we can no longer play outside for hours on end.

Noah loved the squishy ball machine, Ez was scared of it.
Sand and light table.
Noah licked the sand, yuck.
Air vent was a big hit!
Painting with water.
Notice they are going in opposite directions? Luckily there were four adults to keep track of them.
Playing some music.
Mmmm food puzzle pieces.
Ez fixing mommy a plate.
Yes he also ate some dried beans, notice a theme with Noah?
Noodle forrest was scary! We did traverse a couple of times though with mommy and daddy's help.

Thanks Nana and Papa!

almost a miracle

Yes, almost a miracle! Matt is down to 19 t-shirts. Yep. he cleaned out the closet. Some people at a garage sale / goodwill are going to have some sweet shirts.

Some may say 19 is normal. You may need some history on matts shirt collections.
the guessing game
the final count on how many T-shirts matt owned last year

So as you see, 19 is way down from 83. Thats not even factoring in how many were acquired over the 2009 year.

19 still doesn’t count dress shirts, polos, bike jerseys or misc other items.

photo friday – saturday edition

Busy Week this week with Nana & Papa in town from colorado. Lots of activities and pictures!

Exploring in the backyard
ezra and nana
mom and the boys at the Botanical Gardens
ohhh water!
Ezra needing to get closer
its not all about the kids here.
phoenix children's museum
two silly boys in the bath


Babywearing is a great way to attach with your child and is emphasized with adoption. It is also very convenient when you have a teething baby who just wants held. With the recent warnings and recalls regarding slings, I feel some new mothers might not wear their babies out of fear. When done correctly and in a proper sling, it is safe and is a great bonding experience. The slings that are not safe are being recalled.

Please see this babywearing safety article for more information.

duathalon year duex.

So we have been training for our off road duathalon since january or so, and the race was this weekend. Check out last years duathalon coverage here.

We had a great weekend in prescott again this year. We had grandma and grandpa watch the boys while Stephanie and I went up for the evening. A friday night dinner and a minor league hockey game.

It was a brisk morning up in the mountains, but the sun was warming things up well. a 45° start temp.
Us ready to run & bike

Stephanie ran the first 1.5 mile run in her normal pace of 16 minutes. About a minute or two faster than last year.

Then I was off for the biking.
Coming in off the bike into the transition area

I improved about 4 minutes over last years ride time. It was less windy, but last year I had a bike with gears, this year I rode the single speed, and pushed it up the hills harder than I should have. I was able to ride up (where about half the 130 participants walked). I paid for it later when my lungs literally felt strained. I forgot that i normally ride at 1k feet elevation, and can do that kind of stuff, where a 5500 foot altitude plus a long & steep 1 mile climb takes my breath away. Literally.

Stephanie was off for the last leg of the run. She did improve over last year and came in strong. Some issues with altitude and pollen, but nothing her inhaler and a short walking couldn’t help.
Stephanie Coming in from the run

We finished at 1:32. we hope next year to improve much more.

It was a great night away and time with out our boys, but we were happy to get home and see them. They had a good time with grandma and grandpa, but they did like having us home.

Photo Friday – 03.19.2010

Ez doesn't quite get how his bubble machine works

More rice
Checking out the construction behind the house
Looking so cute in shorts!
All green for St. Paddy's
Climbed up on his chair while I was vacuuming
Tunnel Fun
Trying to go opposite directions
Whose in the tunnel?

Just Add Water

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, 83° and sunny. The boys have an extreme fascination with water, so I set up a little homemade water table with stuff we had in the backyard. They had a blast!


Lost Videos

Yesterday I was digging through my iphoto looking for a particular picture and I was all the way back in the middle of 2008 when I found video of the boys. Yep before they were born. The camera had date coded the videos wrong and I had forgotten all about them. They are a few short clips of some wobbly, barely 8 month old boys. I was happy to find them.

SDV 0043 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0041 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0038 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0039 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0042 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.