You don’t look worn out!

Apparently it is shocking to strangers that I don’t look absolutely exhausted.  Yes caring for toddler twins can be tiring work and I am worn out each and every day and I sleep good at night, but I am not some bedraggled mom who can hardly make it through the day.  While there are days I do look exhausted, and I hardly make it until Matt comes home, I am glad to say those days are few.  This got me thinking that maybe I should share what I am doing and why it works for me and my guys.

This is my view on parenting infants/toddlers and in no way do I think your particular style of parenting is wrong (well unless you are abusive or neglectful).  This is what works for us and I believe all parents should do what works best for their family.  I don’t have it all figured out, just what works for us right now.

1.  First win the luck of the draw and marry a great man like my husband.  He gets up with the boys for any midnight feedings.  (yes they are still happening, hoping they end by 18 months)  I do occasionally have to get up at night when someone is sick or inconsolable, sometimes mommy love is best, but for the most part I get to stay in bed at night.  My husband offered to do this, because he is awesome and he understands the fact that he can get by on less sleep than I can, it’s just the way our bodies work.

2.  I take care of myself.  I exercise and I attempt to eat right.  I jog 3-4 times a week, do yoga 3-5 times a week, and ride the exercise bike 1-2 times a week.  I know that might seem like a lot to some but it’s not as bad as it looks, running is with the boys in the stroller from warm up to cool down it is 40 minutes and we even take a trip to the Post Office during the run, yoga I do very basic programs that last 25 minutes during nap, exercise bike I get up early 2 days a week and ride for 15 minutes.  For eating I try to eat lots of fruit and veggies, some lean proteins and whole grains.  I am not too perfect in the eating though, I have a soft spot for chocolate.

3.  I don’t schedule a lot of activities for the boys.  We do one thing a week (sometimes none) and one grocery store/bank run.  Dragging two toddlers to something and then chasing them around is what really wears a momma out and makes her cranky.  I think I am a better mom if I am not cranky.  I understand there are a lot of wonderful, enriching activities for toddlers, but I believe that what they really need is quality time with their parents.  We spend our days playing, gardening, and doing chores together (by doing chores I mean things like me hanging laundry on the line while they eat dirt in the back yard).

4.  I have found a cleaning/house work schedule that works for me.  I do 1-2 loads of laundry every day, and I do 1 cleaning project a day.  I clean the bathrooms one day, dust another, etc.  The most on any day I spend cleaning is 1 hours.  My house is not perfect this way, but it is clean enough.

5.  If I am having one of those exhausting days I allow myself to do nothing during nap-time.  It is best to understand those days happen and you just need to take a little break.

Photo Friday – 02.26.2010

Bucket heads
Who's under that bucket?
Hanging out underneath the grill
Tending to the carrots
Prepping the garden beds
Sleeping, one leg escaped
I showed Ez how to use a step stool to reach stuff in the kitchen
Playing his xylophone
Think he is trying to tell me something? "mom let's go OUTSIDE!"
Big Ez in a little box
Looking at pics of mom and dad
It was seriously captivating
Nothing but the safest play area for our little ones
Air guitar?
Playing the piano with the cat
I think I will just lie down

Totrags Full Coverage Bibs

Remember back in January when the boys were in that messy child contest and you all voted so wonderfully for my guys?  Well Noah won and we are now sporting two wonderful Totrags full coverage bibs.  Christine was even so thoughtful in making them in the boys’ colors.

We took them for a spin today and so far our clothes are clean, well clean from food, dirt and mud not so much.

Picture Proof

After the way today ended I am so glad I snapped a few photos this morning.  It enabled me to remember that we did have some fun today, that it wasn’t all cranky babies and drool (teething really stinks, Noah is getting four at once and Ezra is getting two more and he just hates teething.)  We had a great morning playing and I will choose to remember that part of today.

Photo Friday – 02.19.2010

Noah and his Grandma

Showing off his new move for the Grandparents

Wrestling with Grandpa

Sandbox fun


There’s just no stopping them


Such joy


Ez and mommy sliding (look at his giant belly!)


Dad and Noah

15 months


Another month has passed and the boys are growing and learning like crazy.  At their 15 month check-up Noah weighed 24 pounds 11 ounces and was 31 inches, Ezra weighed 23 pounds 15 ounces and was 30 inches.  Noah still has just 2 teeth, but he is getting his top two right now, and Ezra still has 4, but he is getting some more also.


They are very active now which is a lot of fun and a lot of work!  (but I love it, seriously I do, I am in the best shape!)  Ezra is running and Noah is walking everywhere.  Their favorite activity is anything outside.  They love eating dirt, sand, grass, and Ezra loves rocks (why did we purposely put them in our backyard?).



Noah is such a happy boy.  I am really shocked by this because he was not a super happy baby, but he is one happy toddler.  He will sit still and play, read, or work on a new skill.  The other day he played in his sandbox for a good 15 minutes while I chased his brother around the yard and daddy did yard work.  Noah loves his sleep (he takes after his mommy), it really irks him when Ezra wakes him up in the middle of the night or early from his nap.  He eats anything I put in front of him, occasionally after a few bites he’ll reject a new food, but he tries it.  He can say kitty and hi.  He is still in love with peek-a-boo and now uses furniture to play the game.



Ezra is an independent boy, he loves his mommy and daddy but really wants to do everything on his own.  He is constantly moving, I mean constantly.  He has little fear and scares his mommy a lot!  He loves animals, our animals tolerate him and he is so gentle.  He is a pickier eater, but not a picky eater yet.  I have been having problems finding dinners that he loves, I finally scored a big win the other night with a mac and cheese recipe that had cauliflower puree hidden in it.  He still just says momma and dada, but he has his own Ezra language and uses it a lot.  He is constantly talking.

They are both such a joy to be around.  Even though the tantrums have begun.


One year ago today we first laid eyes upon the two most precious baby boys.  We knew our lives were changed forever and were beyond excited for our future as a family as four.  We have enjoyed this past year so much and are looking for many more wonderful years together.

Here they are as we first saw them:

Noah Esrael
Ezra Yakob

They both weighed around 6.5 pounds and were only about 18 inches long.  The only developmental milestone listed was that they could move their head from side to side.

Noah - 2.11.2010
Ezra - 2.11.2010

My how things have changed, they both weigh about 24 pounds now, and last time daddy measured Noah was 30 inches and Ezra 29 inches.  Ezra is running and Noah is happily crawling everywhere.  We have been beyond blessed to get to know them this past year and are so thankful for the wonder of adoption.

After trying to re-creat their referral pictures, I tried in vain to get some pics of them together.

What you want us to sit together and smile?
Seriously Ez you just have to sit next to me!
Look sweet, don't they? Fighting in this pic.

Now for some video, because they are just so cute.

Noah super excited about his referralversary:

MVI 6207 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Ez pretty much implying get me out of this crib:

MVI 6211 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Spring is just around the corner

Sorry to all my friends in colder states, but spring is just about here in Arizona and I am super excited. The last chance for frost is late February for us, so that means I get to start seeds in January. Two weeks ago I started bell peppers, two kinds of cherry tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon, two kinds of cucumbers, and galia melon. One week ago I planted tomatillos, jalapenos, banana peppers, black zucchini, roma and pink tomatoes, royal burgundy bush beens, and rattlesnake beans.

I am thrilled because seeds are already sprouting-everything but the eggplant, zucchini, and peppers-this is the best start I have had since gardening. I’ve really struggled to find the right windows to start my seeds, you are supposed to use southern facing windows and we only have one southern facing window and it has a patio cover and a shade screen. I decided to try my west facing windows this season and haven’t been disappointed (I tried east in the past).

I have also started two sweet potatoes in hopes of getting some sprouts to plant. Plus this weekend I started basil, dill, sage, parsley, mint, catnip, and some flowers. I planted thyme, rosemary, and flat-leaf parsley in my new-to-me concrete planters (free score from a neighbor) out front.

I am really excited about this gardening season and very happy that it is off to a good start.  We have lots of weekend projects planned for February to get the garden ready.  Can’t wait to start eating all that yummy produce!

Outside! Outside! Outside!

The boys love to be outside. LOVE. Good thing the weather this time of year is near perfection and we also love to be outside. We spent the bulk of time outside yesterday. Matt and I did a little yard work and the boys “helped.” Yard work takes significantly longer with two little helpers. 🙂

Caged Ez
Ez holding the twine
Noah "edging" the lawn
Wanna see me tongue?
So happy
Me and Ez
Sidewalk chalk time - choosing our colors
Ez chose to eat the purple
Noah chose to eat the blue
Good job Noah! You are quite advanced in your art skills.
Chalk Butt
Banging the chalk
Coloring mom's shoe

*Please ignore the snotty noses, we wiped and we wiped, but we are teething and there is a ton of allergens in the air.

Photo Friday – 02.05.2010

Not sharing very well

Grabbing the cat's tail

My view for most of the day - note there is two babies and a cat circling my feet

Just Ez

Carter you want the door closed?

Destroying the toilet paper

Ez loves the camera

Throw blanket = 30 minutes of Noah rolling on the floor having fun

Still with the blanket

Loving not wearing a shirt

Another shirtless baby

All the boys playing together