Monthly archives: February, 2010

You don’t look worn out!

Apparently it is shocking to strangers that I don’t look absolutely exhausted.  Yes caring for toddler twins can be tiring work and I am worn out each and every day and I sleep good at night, but I am not some bedraggled mom who can hardly make it through the day.  While there are days…

Photo Friday – 02.26.2010

Totrags Full Coverage Bibs

Remember back in January when the boys were in that messy child contest and you all voted so wonderfully for my guys?  Well Noah won and we are now sporting two wonderful Totrags full coverage bibs.  Christine was even so thoughtful in making them in the boys’ colors. We took them for a spin today…

Wordless Wednesday – 02.24.2010

Picture Proof

After the way today ended I am so glad I snapped a few photos this morning.  It enabled me to remember that we did have some fun today, that it wasn’t all cranky babies and drool (teething really stinks, Noah is getting four at once and Ezra is getting two more and he just hates…

Photo Friday – 02.19.2010

Noah and his Grandma Showing off his new move for the Grandparents Wrestling with Grandpa Sandbox fun There’s just no stopping them Such joy Ez and mommy sliding (look at his giant belly!) Dad and Noah

15 months

Another month has passed and the boys are growing and learning like crazy.  At their 15 month check-up Noah weighed 24 pounds 11 ounces and was 31 inches, Ezra weighed 23 pounds 15 ounces and was 30 inches.  Noah still has just 2 teeth, but he is getting his top two right now, and Ezra…

Wordless Wednesday – 02.17.2010

Noah’s Gift

Noah gave us a wonderful gift for our referralversary. He took his first steps. We were in the living room goofing around and I put his back to the couch to see what he would do and he started walking! MVI 6235 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.


One year ago today we first laid eyes upon the two most precious baby boys.  We knew our lives were changed forever and were beyond excited for our future as a family as four.  We have enjoyed this past year so much and are looking for many more wonderful years together. Here they are as…

Wordless Wednesday – 02.10.2010

Spring is just around the corner

Sorry to all my friends in colder states, but spring is just about here in Arizona and I am super excited. The last chance for frost is late February for us, so that means I get to start seeds in January. Two weeks ago I started bell peppers, two kinds of cherry tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon,…

Outside! Outside! Outside!

The boys love to be outside. LOVE. Good thing the weather this time of year is near perfection and we also love to be outside. We spent the bulk of time outside yesterday. Matt and I did a little yard work and the boys “helped.” Yard work takes significantly longer with two little helpers. 🙂…

Photo Friday – 02.05.2010