One Year


My babies are now officially toddlers. I still can’t believe they are already one, the past five months have just flown by. They had their one year check-up at the doctor today and are healthy! Noah weighed in at 22 pounds and was 28.5 inches tall. Ezra weighed in at 21 pounds and is 28 inches tall. They got their first shot since being placed in our arms 🙁 . The doctor would have given them several more, but I don’t want to do too many at once and this shot was already a 3 in 1, so I thought it was more than enough.

They are doing so much these days and are getting very close to being into everything! Ezra crawls everywhere, he will even crawl in the dark, he isn’t scared of much. Noah is still trying to crawl, he mostly goes backwards with occasionally movement forward, he rolls around a lot more to get to things. It is nice seeing him have some initiative finally. I thought he was just going to sit there and expect me to bring him everything for the rest of his life 😉 .

Ezra stands unassisted now and for longer and longer periods of time. He even claps while standing, and occasionally tries to dance! Noah has pulled up a couple of times, but only on me or Matt, nothing else yet. I think it is because he hates to fall! He prefers to stay close to the ground.

They both clap now, all the time. It is pretty cute, they do it when they are excited or when the other brother does something they approve of. Noah plays peek-a-boo frequently and Ezra is finally starting to do it too.

There are a lot more smiles and giggles now, that makes it a ton of fun. Ezra is extremely ticklish, I mean extremely! Noah is ticklish too, but you have to work a lot harder to get giggles, but they are worth the extra work.

Ezra still has one tooth, but the second one will be here any day now. Noah seems to be working on his first one!

They self-weaned from their before bed bottle, which had the nice result of sleeping through the night most nights. They wake up when teething now, but they don’t need a bottle, just some love and either tylenol or teething tablets. They do wake up between 5 and 6:30 drink their morning bottle and then go back to sleep until at least 8, this is a nice change for us.

We are done with formula! They are happily drinking whole milk with no issues. I will next be transferring from bottles to sippy cups.

We feed them all sorts of table foods now, they usually like what we are eating for dinner and then they still eat their baby food. Last night they ate almost 2 pieces of pizza between them and then ate their food, I was a little shocked at how much they could put down!

They both say momma and dadda a lot. They do seem to have their twin language already. I swear they have conversations!

I am sad to say goodbye to the baby stage, but I am totally looking forward to this next year. They just keep getting more fun!

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  1. Even though the toddler age can be really challenging, I’ve also found that it gets more fun as they get older. Being able to interact with the more, plus having them be able to do a few things things on their own (like feed themselves) is great!

  2. I’m still having this issue w/ Sammy although he is running now. He’s still so tiny; people never believe he’s 14.5 mos. He just hit 20 lbs last week. When I rock him to sleep at night he seems so very small to me, so baby-ish. But then during the day he is all Mr. Big Boy.
    It’s a tough transition, especially since he is my last baby. Hmmm.

  3. Those boys are GROWING!!!! Wow. I just loved their 1yr video with the cake. Ezra was TOO FUNNY!!! 🙂
    Great post here – so fun to hear how they are changing and developing into their own little beings.
    Happy birthday Boys!!!

  4. So sweet! I love updates with all the new stuff they are doing. Mari was never one to pull up much….but she did much better at pushing up to a stand. I discovered it quite by accident one day when she was playing with my aerobics step. Give Noah some things of different heights that he can push up on…I used to put Mari’s toys on the couch and she would have to push up on the step to a stand to reach them. It really got her motivated.

    Then again…you might not want both of them up yet! Enjoy the freedom!

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