Forward or Rear Facing?

Noah (first time in a car seat)
Noah (first time in a car seat)

Our plan all along was to turn the boys around when they hit one year, as long as they were 20 pounds. Those are the recommendations we had always heard, but a friend posted on facebook that her pediatrician recommended keeping her baby rear facing until 2. Turns out that is the safest way to ride in a car for a baby according to AAP. Our doctor (family practice) recommends turning them around now so we can interact with them more. For now we are ignoring our doctor and keeping our babies nice and safe in their rear facing positions. I think safety trumps interaction, not that we don’t want to interact with them, we would love more interaction.

What age did you turn your toddler around? Any regrets? Any tips on keeping them happy while rear facing?

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  1. I’m sure Aubrey can verify (read “correct”) this, but I think we kept Ethan backward until 16-18 months. The safest way is backward. Heck, if I could ride in a backwards facing la-z-boy, I would.

  2. Yes, rear facing is much safer. Now I believe it’s recommended that they stay rear facing as long as they fit that way. It’s okay if their legs bend a bit– from what I read that’s not a hazard in the case of an accident.

    We kept Shea rear facing till about 20 months and plan to keep Maya rear facing as long as she’s under the weight limit of her seat.

  3. Rear facing is definatly safer, if they still fit, like Tara said. Ashley didn’t hit 20 lbs until she was 2, but we had to turn her forward before that because she was getting car sick and throwing up in the car EVERYTIME, not fun. Also not sure what kinda car you have but we found with out air vents in the back it was harder for her to get air in the summer when she was rear facing. Good luck on making a decision. You have to decide what works best for you and your family.

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