The season of Advent begins tomorrow.  It is a season of anticipation of the Second Coming and celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Advent Conspiracy has served as a good reminder to me about the focus of this season, about God’s love for us and the hope that He offers.

Matt and I are continuing to learn what we should focus on during this season and what changes we can make to teach Noah and Ezra what its really all about.  We don’t have it all figured out just yet and maybe we never will, but I have hope that we can find more ways to show them what the season is about.

Last year I shared Advent Conspiracy’s video with you and linked to some charities that provide clean water to those who need it.  I encourage you again this year to give clean water.  If you would rather give locally then please do!  You could do something as simple as forgo one side dish at your Christmas dinner (we know we all have more than enough) and give that portion to your local food bank.

I have started a campaign through charity water to raise just 10% of a new well in an area that desperately needs it.  Please feel free to help us reach or better yet blow away our goal of $500. The campaign ends 12.27.09.

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  1. Thank you for bringing the boys into church on Sunday, I really enjoyed playing with them, I hope to see you guys again soon!

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