Early predictions

Ezra and Noah have some super cute little boy personalities showing through. We are already seeing a lot of things shine through. So we thought we would share some of our predictions.

Noah will be our little detail oriented engineer (poor kid). he will also probably be less of an adventurer, and more of the big idea guy, crafting up plans for ezra to execute. He will probably be taking things apart just to see whats inside, and how they work.

Why we think so:

  • Examines every nut, bolt, switch, button.
  • notices the smallest details. new things, moles, belly buttons, teeth, glasses, leg hair, stickers, labels, logos, scratches (on toys and skin), and so on.
  • He has to touch, pull, lick and poke all of the above.
  • flips toys over to look at said switches and screws.
  • quietly sits and watches.
  • giggles and yells when ezra is doing something funny or or something bad.

Ezra is our trouble maker. He will be the muscle behind noah’s plans. We are also hedging bets that he will be the first to break a bone, need stitches, and will be the reason we need insurance.

Why so:

  • Barely crawling, he knows every exit and door in our house.
  • He is already reaching for the handles (good thing he is short)
  • Ezra also figured out how to climb things. Already wanting to scale everything in sight.
  • He enjoys doing things that make noah happy, clap and giggle.
  • Already found the fun that comes from house plant dirt.
  • He has no real fear. Falls & hits his head on all kinds of things and rarely cares.
  • While he may do what noah wants, he is not afraid to tackle him already.

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