Cooler weather shocks new mom!

Fall has finally arrived in Arizona and the mornings and evenings are a bit cool, not too bad, but enough I should put some pants on my kids.

Long sleeve shirts, check!  Sweat shirts, check!  Jackets, check!  Ummm, pants not so much.

We do own two pairs (each) in 12 months, and after much digging I did find one pair of 6-9 months, of course, after I had dressed them in pajama pants.  The one pair I found are super cute and totally appropriate for going out in, thank goodness, but we do need to get the boys some more pants so they don’t run around looking like this anymore:

Exhibit A


Matt put Noah in these yesterday after he realized he was cold.  Now these are 6-9 months the correct size, but we are not sure if they are supposed to be pants (on a super short baby) or shorts (on a super tall baby) or manpris as we like to call them.

Exhibit B


Today’s pajama pants, size 3-6 months, a little short and Noah’s are kinda girly.

I promise I love my kids!

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  1. That is too funny!! We had a rainy, cold week here in San Antonio last week and I had no pants for my youngest! The ones I had were totally manpris on him!! We had to make a quick trip to Wal Mart ON THE WAY to our older son’s football game…crazy!

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