blog action day

We have done the whole blog action day a few times, and normally we think and write it out way in advance. but then came two super cute little monsters that run our lives it seems.

So a little late in the day, but here we go. I’ll try and keep them light and easy, but I may toss in a few hard core hippie tips.

  • Shut off the lights. Really. We hardly ever turn on lights in our offices. Natural light is the best!
  • Print only if you absolutely have to. Check out Evernote to save items important, but dont need printed. I LOOOVE evernote.
  • Let your computers and printers sleep when not in use. They use a ton less power. And no screen savers either. a sleeping LCD is super quick to wake up.
  • Shut down your computer at night. I swear I know people who leave their towers on for weeks at a time. for no reason.
  • Clean. seriously. dust bunnies on the back of your computer make it run hotter. This will keep your computer lasting longer too.
  • Recycle. Seriously. Factor1 shares office space with a realtor who thinks recycling papers is hard. i dont understand how.

Some Super hippy tips:

  • Ride your bike to work. I do this probably 95% of the year, and love it.
  • Compost. its really easy these days. You generate less trash at the curb, plus you get nice dirt for your garden. I promise it doesnt smell much either.
  • Garden. Fresh veggies are the best. Organic, pesticide free, and as close to local as you can get.
  • Shower every other day. Unless you get all sweaty, every other day is perfectly acceptable in my book. And no one has to know. Well i guess now you know i skip a few showers a week.
  • Dr Bronners Bar soap can replace your shampoo, and body wash. 100x less packaging, no plastic, and eco friendly.
  • Eat less meat. Not a vegan / vegetarian my self, I enjoy a well balanced diet of natural foods with as little processing as possible. To grow, and process meat of all kinds is an amazing waste of water, oil, land, and other resources. Tons of stats on this, but most research shows our bodies were NOT meant to consume meat 7 days a week. We probably have meat once or twice a week in our home, and its usually local, grass fed, free range, organic stuff.

I could go on and on, but i wont.

So go, change the world, cut back on the resources you use.

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