Someone finally found the dog water yesterday.  I knew it was going to happen eventually but was hoping I still had a while.


The dogs were just a little concerned and kept their distance.


What are these new words I am hearing, “no and don’t?”

What to do with the dog water?  Pick it up and just put it back down during nap-times?  Matt said I should just keep an eye on him, duh I hadn’t thought of that (insert rolling eyes).  Sometimes I have another baby that needs something and can’t keep Ezra from crawling away.  He’s is getting pretty fast and loves exploring the house.  I don’t want to have to cage him every time I have to walk away.  I am more of a “free-range” baby kind of person.  So to all the experienced pet owners/parents out there, what did you do with your dog water?  There isn’t a spot in the house that the dogs can get to that the babies can’t.  For now I will just be picking up the water when I am home alone.

5 Replies to “Splish-Splash”

  1. We moved Bailey’s water bowl (and food bowl) from our kitchen into a bathroom off of the kitchen. The door stays open most of the time. We just close it when D’s in the area. He got into it a few times before we made the move 🙂

  2. We moved the water bowl to the laundry room and when Maq was thirsty he would go to the door we would open it and he’d go in & drink, then we would close it when he was done. Ashley usually sat there and watched hime the whole time, but she stopped playing in it. =)

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