Monthly archives: September, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – 9.30.09

Rice Box Fun

Sometime during the never ending heat of the summer I remembered an idea I had read online forever ago, an indoor rice box.  This idea was to get through the long, cold winter.  Since we don’t have those I thought I could use the idea to get through the long, ridiculously hot summer.  Rice is…

clapping and Piano playing

Its a noah video weekend. While ezra is busy crawling and getting into trouble, Noah has been honing his clapping and piano skills.


Someone finally found the dog water yesterday.  I knew it was going to happen eventually but was hoping I still had a while. The dogs were just a little concerned and kept their distance. What are these new words I am hearing, “no and don’t?” What to do with the dog water?  Pick it up…

Tsegay and Almaz

The CHI in-country representative for Ethiopia was able to come visit Arizona with his wife.  They did a wonderful job caring for our little guys in Ethiopia, staying with Ezra at the hospital, worrying about them, making sure they received the best care possible.  We absolute adore Tsegay and his wife Almaz and were so…

Crock-Pot Enchiladas

This is loosely adapted from a chicken enchilada recipe that I had.  I left out several ingredients, including the chicken, a jalapeno, and olives, so if you want to add those in feel free, but Matt and I like it just the way I made it, easy and simple. 4-6 – 10″ tortillas, depending on…

Wordless Wednesday – 9.23.09

My little brother is officially a fire fighter

Last night I went to Jason’s swearing in as a fire fighter for Ak-Chin.  It was a nice night and I am very proud of him. The happy new fire fighter and his family Proud dad Mom and son Bagpipers leading in the Color Guard Abby enjoying the bagpipes Getting sworn in Getting pinned

Wordless Wednesday – 9.16.09

Farmers' Market Lasagna

I realize it has been forever since I posted a recipe on my blog.  I can’t even blame it on the boys, it has been since last November since I posted a dinner recipe.  The one hobby I love, and can somewhat still find time for, is cook.  I have not baked since bringing the…

10 months!

I cannot believe Noah and Ezra are 10 months old. We have known their faces for 7 months and held them in our arms for 3 months. It is amazing how much they have grown since we first laid eyes on them and even more amazing how their personalities are really starting to shine. Ezra…

Our little mover!

Ezra Crawls from matt adams on Vimeo.

Night Weaning

I am going to start off this post by saying I am the luckiest woman alive.  When we first came home we took turns getting up with the boys for night feedings, but I was increasingly having difficulty falling back asleep after my turn, so Matt took over ALL night feedings.  Seriously lucky girl!  The…

Wordless Wednesday – 9.9.09