things I never expected

So being new to kids, there were somethings I expected, after all, we have friends with kids, and we have babysat a few times. In the past 3 months, there are always things popping up that surprise and shock me. Stuff I was not ready for.

  • Mom & Dad being in bed at 9.
    these boys wear us out!
  • I never thought the bed time routine would take 45 minutes.
    bath time, oil down, diapers, bottles, etc. Takes forever.
  • Wow we have never run the dishwasher more
    We used to run it about once per week. usually washing pots & pans, and only loading plates / glasses.  Now we almost fill and run it daily.
  • Going out and  running errands is hard.
    No, not the stuff to haul along. We have that down. Im talking about the issues errands cause on the kids routines.  Too much out and about = no naps and bad moods x4.
  • I didnt expect it to be a “keep the boys happy as long as physically possible till 7” kind of deal.
    The fussing starts around 5:30, or when ever we want to eat. its pretty much melt down from there.
  • The Money.
    I did expect costs in life to increase. But wow all that food, insurance, car payments (since we had to get a different car to hold 2 rear facing seats) and such really add up.
  • Computer time = luxury
    thank goodness for blackberries, or you would probably never hear from Stephanie. I get to use a computer at work.
  • wow do single parents have it hard.
    We can not even imagine being a single parent. We feel stretched thin as it is.
  • Cleaning house is really hard
    we have a hard time finding time to clean. The boys have us on our toes at all times. No time to wrangle all the dust tumbleweeds.
  • Free time is really precious.

Im sure there is more I am forgetting. Ohh there is another, i forget 10x more than before. my brain is fried half the time.

Not whining. Just saying i am shocked at many things around here. I do really enjoy all the time with my amazing wife and boys.

Diaper Debate Results are in


The winner is boy or unisex!  So glad to know I was right.  🙂  Thanks for everyone who helped settle this debate in our house.  I am pretty sure Matt’s mind isn’t changed, but that’s okay.

Now does anyone care to guess who’s chubby thighs those are?

9 months!


Wow I cannot believe another month has passed by already.  Time is flying by.

They are changing so much and their personalities are coming out more every day.  Ezra laughs at everything, he is super giggly and ticklish.  Noah makes tons of different faces which always get a laugh out of mommy and daddy.  They have a favorite saying, “dadadadada.”  Yep all day long every day “dadadada,” hopefully momma comes soon!

Ezra is seriously considering crawling but isn’t quite there yet.  He rolls around quite a bit.  Noah just sits there and watches him.  We know Noah can move and rollover, because that is all he does in his sleep, but for the waking hours he is very sedentary.  They both now love the jumper and love to watch each other jump!



One of their favorite activities is playing banging the piano.  Seriously they love it!  It almost always helps when they are cranky.


They also love playing in the water, doesn’t matter if it is the pool or in the bathtub it is so much fun.

They eat a ton!  If you can’t tell by the above pictures, they are filling out nicely.  😉  Currently they are working on finger foods.  They have each gotten a couple pieces to their months, but most of them end up in the dogs’ tummies!

Diaper Debate


The diaper pictured above is currently causing a debate in our house.  One of us thinks it is girlie and the other thinks it is unisex.  I won’t say who thinks what.  I am asking you the reader to end this debate.  Please let us know what you think, girlie or unisex?

9 month check-up



The boys turn 9 months later this week, so we went to the doctor for their check-up today.  She was very impressed with how much they have grown and changed in the past 7 weeks.  She thought they were attaching nicely and were very healthy.  She was very happy to see how much Ezra has caught up with Noah in the weight department.  They didn’t have any shots today.  The doctor wanted to give them the one for pneumonia but they were all out.  Lucky boys.  🙂

Current stats – Noah weighs 18 pounds 2 ounces, somewhere around 25 inches long (I didn’t write down either of their heights, sorry) he was in the 25th percentile in weight and 5th in height and head circumference.  Ezra weights 17 pounds 6 ounces, somewhere around 23 inches long, he was in the 10th percentile for weight and 5th for height and head circumference.

It's over!


Hey guess what?  I have INSURANCE!!!


Yep that’s right, we were finally approved for insurance.  In fact, we received a letter of apology saying that both boys should have been covered with no medical underwriting!  What does that mean?  It means we get to submit all our receipts from the time period we weren’t covered!  We are so happy that we have insurance and are very hopeful that we will get our money back.  Of course, I will only truly believe it when I see the check.  🙂