driving in ethiopia

driving in ethiopia is pretty rough. Its a contact sport thats for sure. I would say if you combined rugby, with tetris, and then while driving a car.


This was a light traffic day. other days were more intense. Too bad there isn’t “smell-o-vision“. You really need to be taking in diesel fumes to really get the full experience. 

driving in addis ababa from matt adams on Vimeo.

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  1. LMAO!!!! Thank you SO much for posting that. There is NO way to describe the traffic in Addis….I’m just going to link everyone to your blog to watch this. FREAKIN hilarious!!! We hit two pedestrians while we were over there – what an experience. I was taking dramamine at every meal. And I agree about the smell. Add heat and diesel fumes to the ride – whew! I thought it was very much like playing the game frogger. Cross one street safely, wait, dodge pedestrians, wait, cross another street, wait, hop out of the way of the donkey, wait, cross again!

    Jill’s last blog post..Ethiopia Heritage and Culture Camp!!!

  2. Brilliant! Seriously brilliant. I laughed and shrieked so loud my husband was concerned. 🙂
    This is just too great a video…..and excellent job on the music choice. 🙂
    Welcome home guys. Hope you are holding up!

    Tegan’s last blog post..8 months!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post that. I know I said I didn’t know my way around Addis but perhaps I do, there were two times in the video that I knew the turn was coming. It seems like just yesterday I was there.

    sandi’s last blog post..2 months

  4. Boy Matt…your song choice I have a whole new respect for you!
    Is it me, or at one point was your driver on the WRONG side of the boulevard??


    Meg DeZutti’s last blog post..Ode to Lola

  5. Oh, my. This brings me back! What a great video. I’m so happy you have those boys home! I can’t wait for more updates on life with twins!

  6. Wow! What memories that brings back! Hana was just asking this morning about driving to the airport when we left Ethiopia. She cracked up watching the video. She wondered who was driving and said, “Caza, Caza!” (slow down!). : ) Thanks, Jennie C. (home in Nov. with Hana and Bereket)

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