7 Days!

One week left until court!  Can you believe it?  I thought today I would share 7 reasons I think Matt will be an awesome daddy.

1.  He is fun, he loves to play.  (see day 8 )

2.  He is creative.  I can’t wait to see the games he and the boys invent together and the creations they will make.

3.  He is loving.  He is great at giving comfort when you need it.

4.  He is excited about teaching them things.  I cannot wait to watch him finally get to share with the boys all the things he wants to teach them.

5.  He is involved.  I know he will be a very hands-on, involved dad.

6.  Just the right amount of strict.  He will be a good disciplinarian, but not too tough.  😉

7.  Values.  He lives out his values and expects the boys to do the same.

4 Replies to “7 Days!”

  1. aww. thanks cute girl.

    You forgot i dont know thinks like dippers, crying, or how to handle other things that are unpleasant.

  2. I agree, Matt will be a fabulous daddy. He is great with Ethan. I can’t wait to see him holding those two precious baby boys!!

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