6 days

wow Stephanie had to bring her A-game on the last post. how can i compete with that. 

6 ways stephanie is going to be a great mom

  1. she is already in loving mom mode over these boys. its only going to get better
  2. she will spend a lot of quality time with them
  3. I think she is pretty creative when it comes to things kids like to do. She is always finding crafts, and activity books that she and the boys will do together.
  4. those boys will hang out in the garden and play in the dirt learning all the good things home grown gardens have.
  5. Stephanie will worry about the boys. In a good way. Nothing will get by her, and she will always be thinking of them in anything she does. 
  6. Stephanie has such a huge heart. She can foster 6 kittens, have 4 pets of her own, and be sick, and still make sure everyone is taken care of. 2 little boys should be a piece of cake. (okay they are probably harder than 6 kittens + 4 pets)

3 Replies to “6 days”

  1. You two are just so sweet!
    I love the admiration and respect you both share of each other. Those boys will be showered with such love.
    I can’t believe there are 6 days left until court……keep the lists coming! 🙂

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  2. These two boys are lucky to have you as a mom!! You are going to love and teach them so much. You will be a fantastic mom and I can’t wait to see you in action with them.

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