4 days

4 days, 4 life lessons I hope to teach the boys (you know, because 4 is all they really need). 

  1. God loves them. No matter what, God wants the best life for them. A life of freedom, choices, & exploration.
  2. Love, respect for others opinions / beliefs, and hard work go further in life than anything else.
  3. Never put a ceiling on what you can do. Big dreams cant have 8 foot ceilings. 
  4. Respect women at all times. Open doors, listen, be gentle and kind.
i am sure there are more lessons I hope to teach them, but this is my top 4 for the moment. 

2 Replies to “4 days”

  1. to be honest, i am sleeping great. Stephanie is like a kid waiting for santa. I will be more anxious closer to traveling.

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