Good News All Around

First, Congratulations to Gregg and Meg, Sam officially became their son today and he is adorable.  

Second, Abby made it to the 3rd and final round of Baby Idol!  Please keep voting for her!

Matt took this adorable shot and is very excited to see her make it so far.  It doesn’t hurt that she is just so freakin’ cute!

Third, Our visa appointment was confirmed for June 11.  We leave June 6!  We are so excited to finally be leaving and super excited to meet those two cute little boys of ours!  We will be back home to begin our new life together June 16!!!

New Pics of Noah & Ezra

 thanks to John and April for taking new photos of our boys. We are always excited to see them!


Ezra and Noah together
Ezra and Noah together

Anyone else noticing a trend here? Ezra is not usually a happy camper. You can tell he was crying, and in all the other pics John & April sent he is crying. While Noah is cool as a cucumber. im sure once Ezra is held more, and grows up a bit he will settle down. Otherwise maybe he and our niece Abby can exchange tips on being crabby (im kidding, abby isnt that crabby, sometimes she’s quite giggly and happy)

Noah & Ezra!

Introducing Noah Esrael and Ezra Yakob born on November 14, 2008!


Ezra is on the left, Noah on the right.  Angie was so sweet to take this video for us when she was there!


Here are their referral photos taken February 10, 2009:

Ezra Yakob


Noah Esrael

I am sensing a theme in their daily lives, two different families traveling weeks apart have both sent me this scene: 

Ezra crying and Noah giving him a look

Lots more pictures in the photo gallery!

Making myself smile

Yesterday as I was waiting for the news and needed a distraction, I found this site.  It was a big hit on facebook and it kept me occupied for quite a while.

Today as I am waiting again, I decided to look up how to fix something in wordpress for Meg, I stumbled across another fun find.  From now on if you don’t have a gravatar picture, you will be a randomly selected monster.  Hey its the little things that entertain me.


Our case was not heard today, even though all the paperwork was in order.  The Ministry of Woman’s Affairs wanted a meeting to clarify why the piece of paper was incorrect last week and they did not have time today to have the meeting.  There is a meeting tomorrow with our agency, the orphanage, and MOWA to discuss our case.  If all goes well, and I am holding onto my last shred of hope that it will, the judge will hear our case sometime after that.  It could be tomorrow, or it could be next week.

Not it

Today was not it either.  We might hear something tomorrow, or next week.

Hanging with Abby, Court tomorrow

Yesterday Abby and I hung out for a few hours.  We had a lot of fun.  She is getting very talkative!  She loves to rollover and play in her exersaucer.  Can’t wait to see her and the boys play together.


Tomorrow is our 2nd court date.  We received word this morning that the piece of paper has been corrected and everything should be fine tomorrow.  Please pray that court is held, that we pass, and that there is electricity so our in-country representative can let us know what happened.  I am really hopeful that we can finally share our boys with you tomorrow.  Monday was three months since we first saw their sweet faces.  I cannot believe it has been that long already.

Last Friday

10 families did not pass court last Friday, we were the only ones rescheduled.  The other nine families didn’t even have their cases heard.  When I heard why they didn’t pass on Friday I was absolutely devastated for them, and worried for the future of the Ethiopia adoption program.  Unfortunately not all people involved in international adoption act ethically.  They facilitate adoptions where the children are not actually orphans, but rather someone’s child.  Because a few people working in the adoption field in Ethiopia acted unethically, nine families hearts were broken on Friday.  No one from our agency was involved in the alleged acts, but these families were still affected.  Their cases are on hold until the Ethiopian government can figure out how to properly handle the situation.  The government does not want to risk children who are not orphans being adopted, neither do adoptive parents or ethical adoption agencies.  Please pray for these families, their children, and the government of Ethiopia.  I can only imagine the pain of these families, knowing their babies’ faces, but not knowing when the wait will end.  When you adopt, you fall in love at different rates, but most all fall in love before they ever travel.  These families love these children and want what is best for the children, please pray.

For some info and overall feelings on corruption in international adoption you can start with this blog post and click on some of the links if you want.

Today was not the day :(

We didn’t pass court today.  One piece of paper did not have both boys names on it.  Something so simple!  We are both bummed.  I really wanted to share the boys with ya’ll today, more than anything.

Our new court date is May 14.  So please pray for that one stinken piece of paper to come back correctly.

6 days until court!

Today is the day!

I am so excited to find out the news today.  I truly believe court was a positive outcome.  We will hopefully find out by 11 am our time, but that isn’t a guarantee.

On another note, yesterday we figured out for sure that the boys are not identical.  We were originally told they were, but I always had my doubts.  They always looked slightly different in pictures, but we told ourselves it was the camera angle or the lighting and chose to believe the medical reports.  With the most recent set of pictures and the video we received, I just couldn’t believe they were identical.  So, I asked Angie who took the pictures and she said she never would have thought they were identical.  They are both cute as can be and I can now easily tell them apart.  🙂

I hope to share the pictures with you sometimes in the next few hours!

1 Day! 1 Day! 1 Day!


I am so excited!  Only one day left until the boys legally become ours!  (Yes I know there is a chance it won’t happen tomorrow, but I am trying to be optimistic.)  Sometime while we sleep tonight a judge on the other side of the world will decide the fate of our family.  She looks at all the information given to her by us, our agency, the orphanage, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.  If one piece of paper is missing or incorrectly filled out we will be rescheduled.  I am optimistic though that everything is done correctly and will be there.  I am so excited to possibly being able to share our boys with everyone tomorrow.  Please say a prayer tonight that we pass court and that we find out tomorrow that we passed.  There isn’t always power in Ethiopia and our agency could have trouble getting the news to us, so pray that they can.

down to 2

2 days left till court.

2 Optimistic dreams

  1. We pass court with no hiccups
  2. we get the May 28th Embassy appointment as scheduled. 
Can I get an amen on those?!

3 days!!!

Court day is almost here!

3 things keeping me busy while I wait

1.  Spring Cleaning

2.  Organizing the boys stuff

3.  Spending lots of quality time with my man.  🙂