will green hippies judge us?

If we drive an SUV?

I know, I know, we are all about being green, environmentally friendly, bike ridding, organic garden growing, line drying hippies. But in a sad reality, most cars dont fit twins with rear facing car seats, and 6′ 3″ drivers.

Nope, no station wagon, mid size car, cross over SUV works. Its down to a bigger Minivan, or full size SUV. Sure we would love to rock the prius, but its just not a reality. 

I will say I have a new understanding for families of twins or more, and families with 3+ kids. There really are not many real options for cars out there that get over 23mpg. Sure, some newer SUVs and vans can get 25+mpg, and still seat 7. But Who has $34k to go out and buy a new car. We do not. 

So please dont judge us for having to rock the big SUV. In our defense, we are still trying to get the most fuel efficient SUV possible, and we will drive it like old people, with 40psi in the tires.

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  1. I hear you! And no, I promise my green-hippiness won’t judge you!
    Besides, who can judge you when you are pulling little ones around by bike with a trailer in tow. 🙂

    I actually drive a Ford Escape Hybrid (love it!), but we are going to have to sell it when kiddos arrive. I bought my rig so that I could drive more efficiently for work (28-33 mpg) as well as have a rig that would fit our dog (140lbs). But now, with two on the way, we won’t be able to all fit as a family. Our dog is just too big or the back. 🙂 So we are looking at *I shudder* mini-vans or possibly a used Eurovan for the family and a small car for me for work. Growing the family gets complicated! 🙂
    So….is that the 4-Runner?

    Tegan’s last blog post..6 months…26 weeks of waiting

  2. yep, thats the car I want. 03 4runner. its one of the few vehicles that i and 2 rear facing car seats will fit in. plus its waaaaayyyyy cooler than a minivan.

  3. No judgment hear. Gregg and I were just talking about when we bring No. 2 home, we’ll have to get a different car. Both of our cars will fit a middle rear-facing convertible carseat, but neither will fit it on the side. Hopefully in the next 3 years they will make real strides in fuel efficiency, but in the meantime, EVERYONE should understand and appreciate your problem and solution. The most important thing is safety, with a Green planet following a close 2nd. 😀

    Meg DeZutti’s last blog post..Let the countdown begin!!

  4. Yeah, thanks. 🙂 Way to rub in the “waaaaay cooler than a minivan” statement. LOL.
    I NEVER thought we would be shopping for one….acording to my husband, we still aren’t. He is still in denial. 🙂 Good luck with the 4-runner!

    Tegan’s last blog post..6 months…26 weeks of waiting

  5. The twins and safety are definitely the priority now! And just think how CUTE they will look riding around in the back of that SUV!!! Two carseats…how FUN!!!!! YEA!!!!

    Missy’s last blog post..A New Timeframe

  6. Hahahahahaha!! Welcome to the club!! But, you’re still not “thinking”…your kids will have friends and cousin’s who want to ride with them. Trust me, they all fight who gets to ride with me. We’re an all suv family. We need the extra seats and cargo space for strollers, diapers, wipes, drinks, snacks, extra sets of clothes, bulk items from shopping…the list keeps going… 😆

  7. stephanie joked that we just need a sweet conversion van. a long one with the cool raised roof, 13″ tube tv, VCR and maybe a Super Nintendo.

    maybe we’ll get fancy, and have mini blinds, drapes and sweet wood paneling.

    matt’s last blog post..Pushing the envelope

  8. Hi Stephanie-we just purchased a Suburban! I never thought I’d see the day~! But…with EIGHT people in our family now, that is the only way we can go somewhere together! It’s more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than driving two cars everywhere! LOL

    Cheryl Crawford’s last blog post..We are going to Ghana!

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