One month!!!

I am starting to feel like this might actually happen!  We have been keeping ourselves busy preparing for the boys and doing stuff we think we won’t have time for once they are here.  The nursery is pretty much ready, house projects are getting done, and we are trying to have as much time together as we can.  The next 30 days are filled with church events, mountain biking, trail running, a baby shower, house projects, doctor appointments (couple more shots), home study visit, and a couple of trips to the vet, and maybe even a movie.  

We know a few more families traveling before our court date and we will be receiving a steady stream of updated pictures.  Seeing new pictures of the boys every few weeks sure makes this wait a little more bearable.  Please keep Noah and Ezra’s health and our court date in your prayers.

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  1. one months already?! wow…it is just going to fly by!!! can’t wait to meet your boys in a couple of weeks 🙂

    angie’s last blog post..plan B

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