new wheels times 2

We did get a new (to us) car. One of just a few cars out there that fit the 2 rear facing kids and me. 

The 03 4runner. Its a 4×4 and a v8 (i know, I know, you are thinking gas hog). Its actually pretty fuel efficient for its size. So far we are getting 21mpg (way better than a suburban or something). I think its pretty cool. Very comfortable, quiet, and lots of cool toyota features. 

IMG_3525 IMG_3526
and yes, i already added the appropriate stickers. I just need to get some good biking related ones.
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This week I also got my new bike. Finally after a few months of no road bike, the replacement is here (last one was stolen from a friends house). Its a 2009 Jake the Snake Cyclocross Bike. Meaning its a road bike, but burly, can fit knobby tires, and is meant to be taken in the grass, dirt & mud. Not sure if I will ever run a cyclocross race, but its cool to have a bike that is quick on the road, and can cut through the park when i want to.

IMG_7943 IMG_7949 IMG_7953

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  1. thats our africa sticker. it has a small heart cut out close to Ethiopia (its probably closer to Uganda, but thats okay too).

  2. I don’t know which is cooler, the bike or new car. Both are pretty amazing. And I think all the biking makes up for any lost mpg on the new car. Seriously — with your composting, gardening, biking, etc you do more than the average couple, so I think the car isn’t a (global warming) problem at all. We haven’t tried yet, but I’m crossing my fingers our HUGE carseat will fit in both cars. Gregg’s shouldn’t be a problem, but my car is not known for its spacious back seat.

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