25 days and a little glitch

Only 25 days until court!  I am getting more excited and anxious every day.  We are trying to get everything prepared and it is keeping us pretty busy.  We went to the doctor this morning to get the last of our travel vaccinations and I am sick (nasty cold) so she said I should wait :(, but Matt is all done with his shots and is ready to go!  We received our car-seats on Friday as a gift from my parents.  We decided to see how well they fit in the car.

That would be Matt completely crammed into the dash, he could only operate the clutch with his hand.  Needless to say that just won’t work.  Since, we have two rear-facing seats, we can’t just put them behind the passenger seat, we need to be able to put them behind both of us.  🙁  We went to a couple of dealerships on Saturday night to get a feel for what fits, NOT a lot fits Matt and two car-seats (Pathfinder, Camry, Pilot, Rav4, Forester, just to name a few, basically all mid-sized cars and small SUVs).  One salesman even joked that I should have just married a shorter guy.  The only vehicles that fit in our price range get around 20 mpg :(, makes my environmental heart sad, but safety and family first.  Right now we are trying to decide between a Forerunner and a Sienna, used of course, the newer models now get 25 mpg, but too expensive for me.  The hybrid Highlander would also work, but that one was way out of our price range.  Matt really, really likes the Forerunner, so that is probably what we will end up with, but we will see what we find.

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  1. oh yeah…car shopping…I vote for the Sienna….just because that’s what I want….just a want yet.

  2. yeah, i got the password right this time! Too bad about your car – I think the Vibe is a cute car, I’ve been looking at them myself. Maybe you could just cut a hole in the floor and Matt could use his feet to run the car – Flinstone style. How many shots do you get all together? Sorry you are sick!

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