Wear a helmet

One of my biggest frustrations is seeing cyclist not wearing helmets, or wearing them while unfastened, or my favorite hooked on the handlebars. Helmets are not that expensive, easy to use, and not that hot. My helmet doesn’t actually mess up my hair all that much and is really no bother at all. But I was not all that surprised when Matt sent me this article today. The article states that more than half of cyclist don’t wear helmets. When you know the facts I just cannot see how you cannot wear a helmet or make your children wear a helmet.

The risks of cycling without a helmet are even higher — the group cited the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as saying 92 percent of bicyclists killed in 2007 were not wearing helmets. Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent.

Matt has actually broken a helmet while riding. Thank goodness he was wearing it or a severe head injury was likely. (By the way if you crack your helmet you do have to replace it.)

To sum it up WEAR A HELMET!

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  1. If I split my helmet, I would have to replace more than my helmet. Good advice though. I have a friend who had a close encounter with a cement truck while biking. After a stay in ICU, and thanks to her helmet, she got to go home. I am pretty sure she still has that helmet as a reminder.

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