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I was recently tagged by Tegan to list 5 of my addictions/passions.


1.  Coffee.  I have to start my day with at least one cup of coffee.  You might not want to know me if I don’t get my morning coffee.  😉

2.  My Blackberry.  I actually used to think it was crazy that people were addicted to their blackberries.  Then Matt got me one and I am now ADDICTED.  I can facebook, email, or blog from wherever I am.

3.  Blogging.  Not necessarily the writing of my own blog, even though I do write more then I ever thought I would, but reading other peoples’ blogs is how I start my day (with the above cup of coffee).  Blogging has opened me up to a wonderful world online and I treasure the many friends I have met through blogging.

4.  Sleep.  This is one of my biggest addictions and the one I will probably miss the most come June 😉  I can function on 7 hours of sleep, no less, and really need between 8 and 9.  Yes I know I am in big trouble.

5.  Being outside.  I love being outside, doing almost anything outside (well July and August I don’t love it too much, but I miss it oh so much).  Being outside almost instantly cheers me up on my grumpiest of days.  Matt and I love to be outside together, we cannot wait to share this passion with the boys.


I am going to be lame and not tag anyone, but if you would like to do it please do, I would love to read about your passions.

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  1. Whats funny, is you forgot to connect blog reading to #2 as well. Also kind of connected to #4. Since you are known to read blogs, from your blackberry, while in bed. – talent!

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  2. You might not be in trouble… Abby sleeps 10 hours a night!! Just keep your fingers crossed that the boys like sleeping as much as you do!

  3. #4 – that was totally me about 15 months ago. Sadly, you will lose your ability to sleep that long and even on the days you get 7-8, you will probably not make it the whole way without peeking in on the wee ones at least once during the night. It is rough at first but you adjust…I’m pretty good with 6 now (including a couple peek-ins in the middle). The funny thing is, before it was hard to drag myself out of bed or ignore the naptime droopies because, in all honesty, my priorities were lacking so sleep was okay. Now, I’m missing out on sleep but it’s because I’m actually doing something (usually doing lots of somethings) so you don’t notice it to much.

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