Abby's 12 week pics

Just some photos I took last weekend at Cindy’s bday party. Abby at 12 weeks. She is getting so big and growing so fast already!

Pics from the shoot.

(why do I feel i washed these out after editing? they looked so vibrant before I uploaded. Maybe I need to re-upload)

Good Day :)

I received two messages today regarding the boys. 🙂 One from our agency informing us that Ezra has a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Saturday and that they hope to get us more information after the appointment. The second one from a traveling family. Misty and Dan just got back from Ethiopia with their little guy and sent me this message. (I am only a little sad that I didn’t know the boys were going to be moved to the HOH in time for their visit so no photos.)

Hey Stephanie,
We got to see your babies. Soooo beautiful! I’m sure that it has been hard on you to be so far away knowing that Ezra was going through so much. I just wanted to let you know that they are both in great hands. All of the nannies and Almaz and Tsegay love the children SOOOO much. They were both up in the middle of the night several times and back and forth to the hospital taking care of him. They assured us that he is doing just fine now. I am so excited for you guys to get to go meet them and bring them home. But until you do, know that they are sooo soooo loved at House of Hope.
Hope the time passes quickly for you!

It was so nice to get a message from another parent. It really made my day. 🙂

Today is also my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Hope you have a wonderful day. Just think this time next year you get to chase three toddlers around for your birthday.

Boxed Water is cool

Check this post out. Found it on Gizmodo – my favorite dude blog (No… not that kind of blog)

Boxed milk and juices are a supermarket staple, but one company is now selling boxed water.

Boxed Water Is Better sells water in cartons, ditching the plastic bottles while reducing the overall carbon footprint of packing and distribution by 80%.

20% of the company’s profits are passed along to reforestation (10%) and water relief (10%) while you sip on the sweet hydrogen/oxygen nectar of Minnesota and a few parts per billion of paper pulp.

But while Boxed Water is undoubtedly more sustainable than bottled water, I can’t help but think the product’s absurdity does less to open a new market than close an old one. In other words, Boxed Water is a ridiculous solution to an even more ridiculous problem—that we’d rather buy packaged water than drink it for nearly free out of the tap. [gizmodo]


boxed water’s website


is out of the hospital and back at the House of Hope with his brother!!!

Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. You made a difficult time much more bearable.

One Year Six Months

Today marks one year six months since we started the journey to adopt our two precious children. We are beyond excited that this journey is almost over and cannot wait to meet our adorable twin boys.

This weekend was by far the hardest for me, Matt did fine, but I was worried, yes even after we got the news Ezra made it through surgery just fine. It was so hard being so far away and knowing Ezra was in the hospital. 🙁 I did not like it at all. I know he is in good hands and I am doing much better with it today. I tried some retail therapy over the weekend, but all I bought were outfits for the boys, and it made me miss them more.

Then another mom at church who has 15 month old twin boys gave me some hand me down twin items. 🙂

I’ll be honest here and tell you about the top outfits. I pull them out of the bag and hear Matt laughing and was super confused and I am sure looking quite puzzled, all I could say was I don’t get it. Yep, Matt had to explain it said SNAP!

Carter testing out the pack and play

Great video on our environment.

I really enjoyed this video. In 3 minutes it entertained me, while being very informative, and not at all negative. I think those are all keys to a well made film about out environment.

Update on Ezra

Ezra’s surgery went well and he is currently charming everyone at the hospital. He had a tear in his diaphragm which allowed his intestine to move. He is all sewn up now and will stay the night at the hospital and should be back with his brother tomorrow. He woke up from his anaesthesia giggling! Please keep him in your prayers for quick healing.

I must say I love Tsegay! He stayed with our little guy almost all day at the hospital. I also love the doctor, he came in on his day off to do the surgery. I am confident our little boy is in great hands.

Thanks so much for everyones’ support yesterday. We really appreciate it.

Please pray

Please keep baby Ezra in your prayers. He will be having surgery tomorrow in Addis Ababa (tonight our time). He has a dislocated intestine. Please keep him and the surgery team in your prayers.

New Court Date

We received word that our court date was moved up to May 8, 2009. We do not know when our Embassy appointment is yet. It could still be the first week of June, but may move to the second week. I am excited that our court date moved up, even if it is only four days.

Wear a helmet

One of my biggest frustrations is seeing cyclist not wearing helmets, or wearing them while unfastened, or my favorite hooked on the handlebars. Helmets are not that expensive, easy to use, and not that hot. My helmet doesn’t actually mess up my hair all that much and is really no bother at all. But I was not all that surprised when Matt sent me this article today. The article states that more than half of cyclist don’t wear helmets. When you know the facts I just cannot see how you cannot wear a helmet or make your children wear a helmet.

The risks of cycling without a helmet are even higher — the group cited the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as saying 92 percent of bicyclists killed in 2007 were not wearing helmets. Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent.

Matt has actually broken a helmet while riding. Thank goodness he was wearing it or a severe head injury was likely. (By the way if you crack your helmet you do have to replace it.)

To sum it up WEAR A HELMET!

First Duathlon in Prescott

So If you didnt know yet, Stephanie and I have been training for an Off Road Duathlon. This a 1.5 mile run, 8.4 mile ride, and then another 2.5 mile run. All on trails and dirt. Much different than pavement. Training went pretty well, despite being sick. After pre-riding the course, Stephanie wasnt in for the biking leg. So we switched to being a relay team. Stephanie would run, Matt would ride.

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2 months and a sweet note

2 more months until our court date!  Time is flying by.  I guess I should start figuring out travel plans sometime soon.


The note on the white board in the kitchen that counts down the days, I love changing it every morning.  Those are the names we have given the boys in the note.


This morning my amazing husband left this sweet note in a place he knew I would have to go to first thing.

Yep on my coffee cup.  Isn’t he the cutest?

Matt's list of 5 addictions/passions

So here are my 5.

1. Biking. I mean seriously, I love riding my bike. I would go mountain biking everyday if i could. I even enjoy road biking, and my biking commute. I would rather bike than drive anywhere. I will so be that guy hauling his kids around on an xtracycle or with a trailer. 

2. Talking about bikes & bike parts. Stephanie will vouch, i talk about, shop for, analyze, and dream about all things bike. parts, upgrades, fixes, lights, clothing, oddities, etc.

3. talking. i talk to much. i think i am addicted to running my mouth.

4. Work. I think its a passion. Others say addiction. I really do enjoy my work (Creative Director for my own creative / marketing firm). It has a lot of rewarding projects, and we have the coolest clients. We have clients fighting Human trafficking with fashion (from downtown London!), and others who are working on ending child prostitution in Phoenix, Our local Chamber of commerce has fun projects, and even small businesses who want to be the best at something for their customers. Seriously, I really love my job.

5. Technology. I get waaay to excited about apple products, cellphones, even new LED light bulbs. im a tech geek. 


I assume those that really know me, are not shocked by any of these things.